Why Facials are Great

Why Facials are GreatLots of people stick religiously to a beauty and skincare campaign, but how many people can honestly say they have regular facials? They are the often overlooked, face-specific little sister of massages, but they can make a real difference to your facial complexion. If you want to find out why facials are so great, read on for some pointers.

Firstly, facials are great because they help draw the toxins out of the skin. The drawback is that you need to remember to book a spa appointment a couple of weeks before any big events in order to give the skin time to recover, but aside from this, it’s a great way to get prepared in advance. Just like you might get your hair cut and coloured or get a spray tan before an event you want to look your best for, a facial is the key to a flawless face.

Of course, the face is the thing most people will be focusing on. If you decide to get a pedicure, very few people, realistically, will be admiring your supple heels or your perfectly pushed cuticles. But your face is the thing that people will be looking at and talking to, and it will appear in all the photos. So it’s important that the face is your primary focus when you’re working on your beauty preparation.

A facial creates the perfect base for your makeup. It leaves the skin primed for makeup to be applied, as it is smoother and in better condition. Dead skin cells can quickly build up on the face, and the face is one of the most common parts of the body for combination skin to appear. An oily T-zone combined with dry patches on the cheeks or chin can be a nightmare if you’re using one foundation, as it’s a constant balancing act. A facial will restore that balance meaning you can use the same products across your whole face with confidence.

In fact, the best facials mean you might feel confident enough to go without makeup. The glow is unmistakable, and with gorgeously blemish-free skin, nobody will believe you’ve gone bare-faced. This new, rejuvenated skin will be a mystery to everyone else, but only you need to know about your secret treatment. For some reason, facials have been underrated for many years, being overshadowed by their apparently more glamorous, showy beauty treatments, but in the hands of a true professional, your face could look the best it’s ever been.

Jill Greer is a huge advocate of facial treatments to rejuvenate body and soul and regularly blogs about her favourite skincare treatments

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  1. jack43 says:

    I miss getting facials. What? Yes, that’s me. The old fart in the photo accompanying this post. Still, it’s true. While in the Army, I served in Vietnam. Later, I spent some time in Okinawa. Barber shops there provided facials as well as shaves and haircuts. They also gave massages in the chair. All for about a dollar! I could barely walk when the session finished and I was tempted to pony up another dollar and spend another hour. And, yes, the barbers were all attractive young women. Lordy, I miss those days.

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