Top 6 Issues Why Windows Phone 8 is Still Better Than Android

Top 6 Issues Why Windows Phone 8 is Still Better Than AndroidNo matter which you can load on the desktop will also load on the Windows Phone 8 including Flash, PowerPoint, Excel and Word, employ of stylus at times you want it. In addition, they comprise with View-sonic, Samsung, Dell, ASUS, Archos and Acer. Users are also able to make sketch and write note through stylus, something, which is not on the Android or iPad tools.

To give further details about ‘WP 8’, why it is really better than ‘Android’, below are the following explanations.

1: Immovability

The reality is that WP 8 has experienced several handsets from corner to corner of both platforms, yet to make it plain; WP 8 has only been a more constant occurrence. Applications such Netflix and Facebook easily load the ‘way’ they were intended to with ‘far less’ of the crashes and hiccups discovered on ‘Android platform’. This will load parallel on the whole theme behind the WP 8 mobile tools: Plainness. Settled, WP 8 had to give up other complex actions of Androids are ‘capable of’ like no multi-tasking, poor of tethering backup and poor of facility to take screenshots. However for us, that is very significant trade for a mobile that will make – what you desire it to make in every ‘step’ of way.

2: No Ad-ware

WP 8 has no pop-up ad on the screen, whether you are playing game entertainments or in the Windows Market. Unlike with Android lots of pop-up adds are in the mid of game. This is more advantage for rigid app restrictions, as well as WP 8 somewhat have a ideal balance.

3: Snappier Keyboard

Sad to say, Android had a physical slide out ‘QWERTY’ keyboard. But in WP 8 had a ‘snappier’ keyboard, which serves the users faster than Android.

4: MMO Integration

Microsoft Mobile Office (MMO) integration, users are allow to manage files via 2010 SharePoint Server, look for certain phrases or words, as well as e-mail files automatically from program, which Android can’t accomplish these ways.

5: WP 8 has apps that are not crap

Open source is really good, and it is a compelling root to assist Android as a ‘mobile platform’, yet let’s discuss it: You have obtained to separate via some real ‘$#@t’ on the Android Market to search applications that are significance running – mush less purchasing. Actually, many people are failed to realize that ‘Windows Mobile SDK’ has been about for quite for a while now, and it represents on the Market, particularly on the betting part of spectrum. Lots of games we ‘played’ marked amazingly with 3D graphics and a stage of buff ‘simply not’ to be discovered on the Android hemisphere. Microsoft had stricter criteria sets than ‘Google’ regarding the games and apps that can occupy their personal market.

6: MS LIVE Integration is Awesome

WP 8 handset works incredibly. This is because it has an app store, which you are able to go on with earning points, and releasing attainments on your handset. In addition, you can also maintain a tab on your associates’ attainments, as well as improve and pull your ‘Xbox Live’ avatar. Settled, this assimilation is ‘still’ in the infancy level. However we’d be eager to expect – that we’ll be considering more and deeper instinctive connections between phones and gaming in the near future. Advance development is highly a good progress.

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