The New & Improved Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

The New & Improved Plants vs. Zombies AdventuresOne of the most surprising breakthrough games in 2009 was the zombie-killing tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies. It was a hit on various platforms, and has led to the creation of unofficial spin-offs and knock-offs. And even though there’s no actual PvZ 2, this game is not a one-hit wonder that would just fade into obscurity.

Four years after its release, the game gets a breath of new life through Facebook. Game developer Popcap releases the follow-up, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures exclusively on the social networking behemoth. With millions of users worldwide, PvZ Adventures is set to take over the world and outperform its predecessor.

Same Zombie-killing Fun

Even though the game is available on a totally new platform, players will still be familiar with the core concept of the game: don’t let the zombies get you by erecting plants to block and kill them on their tracks. It follows the original PvZ premise, wherein hordes of zombies are coming your way and your only chance of survival is to use plants that can either defend you or attack the zombies. It is game over when they reach the place where you’re hiding, so strategically positioning the plants is still a key to winning the game.

Players will be glad to see the same set of zombies they’ve come to love (or hate,) complete with armors or special skills to make the game harder as it progresses. The protagonists also remain intact, with all the familiar plant species and vegetables at the ready to serve and protect you. Users will experience following a similar build order, from sunlight-producing sunflowers, to one-shot pea shooters, up to a walled fortress created by potatoes and walnuts. Success can only be determined by the right balance of offense and defense.

Add a dash of Adventure

So what makes Plants vs. Zombies Adventure different? Well, instead of staying holed up in your house, the gameplay will take you places on your RV. And just like every zombie film or TV show, going on the road means going through uncharted, extremely dangerous territories. You need to protect your RV with the same set of plants that you use to protect your house. Only this time, the attack could come from different directions. You are literally right in the middle of a zombie invasion, with attacks coming from four sides, not just one.

This “adventure” aspect of the game creates a wide array of confrontation scenarios and strategic possibilities. As you encounter new terrain, you also need a new tactic to protect your RV and your beloved brains. But that’s the tip of the iceberg; the game gets more challenging when you realize that there’s a limited supply of plants that you can use.

Farmville meets PvZ

As you move through the levels in this game, you get to unlock new plants that you could use to destroy the undead. You can grow these plants in a patch of land, a virtual farm for mutated peashooters, cherrybombs and whatnot. And as you use these plants in battle, your stock decreases so you need to grow more in order to have a steady supply of organic firepower. And since you’ll be on the road most of the time, your farm will be susceptible to zombie attacks, so you need to erect a decent defensive barricade to protect your stock. With the introduction of this new “adventure” feature, PvZ adds more dimension to its tower defense concept.

Even though Plants vs. Zombies Adventure is only available through Facebook, it is still playable on mobile using a Flash-enabled browser. This game will surely spice up any uptight business phone and put an end to all your boring days. You don’t have to download any app or install any additional software to play this one; just fire up your browser, log on to your Facebook account and enjoy!

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