The Ford Mustang’s Footprint On American Racing

The Ford Mustang’s Footprint On American RacingAmericans have been racing cars since just about the time the Ford brothers invented them. Americans love to race and they enjoy getting the most out of their race cars. There are several types of American cars that fit into the muscle car category, and one of the best known and most loved muscle cars of all time is the Ford Mustang.

There is no question that the Mustang has left its mark on American racing over the years, and there’s a good chance that it will continue to do so for many years to come.

Mustang Race Cars

Over the years there have been several different Ford Mustangs that have made a name for themselves in American the racing world, including the Shelby Mustang, which is probably the most famous. The Shelby Mustang is an icon among American muscle cars both for its design and power. First produced between1965 and 1970, the Shelby name returned to the Mustang in 2007 for the high performance versions of the Mustang. Besides the Shelby there are several other Mustangs that have also left an impression in American racing circles, including:

  • The Cobra – This Mustang is built by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team and is a high-performance version of the standard street Mustang built by Ford.
  • The Saleen – This version of the Mustang was first made in 1984 and over the years it has become a high performance racecar. It has had many successes in several races, including the 24 hours of Daytona.
  • The Roush – The Roush Mustang is known for power and performance and has been a regular on the stock car racing circuits since the early 90’s. It has been in the winner’s circle several times, as well.
  • The GT – The Mustang GT was reborn in 1994 built on the same platform as the base model (the SN95), but it had better handing and higher performance. It featured a V8 engine and was able to move like a racecar. It went form zero to 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds and could cover a quarter mile in about 15 seconds.

Make Your Mustang A Fit For The Track

With so many Mustangs having made their mark in the racing world, it’s no wonder that many Mustang owners have tried to make their own cars into racecars. With just the right Mustang suspension, body kit, wheels and of course a motor designed for racing, you too can turn your favorite muscle car into a car that’s ready to hit the track.

An Undeniable Footprint

As you can see, there have been so many Ford Mustangs built and designed for racing over the years and each one of them has made it’s mark in its own way on the racing world. From professional racers to teenagers in high school who race around their local streets, the Ford Mustang has definitely left its footprint on racing in America. If you happen to own a Mustang, then it’s quite possible that every now and again you feel the need for speed. If so, you can give your car its racing stripes, so to speak, with just the right aftermarket upgrades. That might be all it takes for you to give your Mustang the soul of a racer.

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