The Benefits Of Business Mobile Phones

The Benefits Of Business Mobile PhonesSince the creation of the first handheld mobile phones by Motorola in 1973, the benefits of having a portable phone that could be carried around with you at all times has been more than obvious. Nowhere is this truer than in the business sector, the business world needs to be constantly connected so the ability to interact with other employees while they are out of the office has become of vital importance.

Over the years mobile phones have continued to evolve and improve to give users access to powerful mobile devices providing more and more connectivity. This guide will explore some of the key benefits gained through the use of business mobile phones.

As mobile phones become fundamental to the business world, companies are providing their employees with business mobile phones to improve their connectivity and allow them to effectively communicate with the rest of the company. As an employee or even business owner you may wonder what the need for a business phone is. Most employees are likely to have Smartphone’s of their own so why not use them? The key reason is due to tax, if employees decide to use their personal mobile phone by allowing the company to pay the bill, may seem like the sensible approach but it may be causing more problems than many people realise. This is due to the way the business is paying for the employee’s contract. Employees will more than likely include personal mobile phones as expenses allowing them to be reimbursed for each bill. This is where the problem occurs.

Employees that claim their personal phone on expenses are liable to pay national insurance and income tax, as expenses are deemed a taxable benefit. In this way many companies are forfeiting the ability to provide more cost effective mobiles to their employees.

Not only that but providing your employees with identical phones ensures that everyone has equal communicative abilities, eliminating the chance that some models of phones may not interface with others in the desired way. For example Blackberry’s may not be able to accept a video call from an iPhone due to software restrictions.

By offering business phones to all employees at the company, businesses can ensure that all of their employees are connected to one another and they all have the ability to communicate effectively which will surely increase the productivity of any business. Benefits of having a mobile device always connected is not only important for calls and communication but also other everyday business needs, such as reducing the amount of downtime your employees have.

If they are commuting or travelling to a meeting for example they can still be productive with the use of their mobile phone. Customer service can also be greatly improved allowing for staff to respond to problems in a timely manner and alert the necessary personnel to address any issues, without having to return to the office. The ability to have calendars alert staff of meetings or deadlines as they occur can also help to ensure everyone is on task and understands their schedule.

By having a mobile phone staff can also reduce the amount of baggage they carry around on a daily basis such as notepads and diaries. Smartphone’s all integrate these features meaning your staff have access to all the information they need and when used in conjunction with the Cloud they will always be up to date with the latest information.

As mobile phones improve speed and technology the business world will become more and more efficient thanks to the enhanced connectivity these technologies allow.  With the recent introduction of 4G from companies like EE, the connectivity afforded by these technologies will continue to improve allowing for more productive and efficient business across the UK and the world.

Andy Morley is an author and experienced business owner, currently working for an awardwinning telecoms and business mobiles company called A1 Comms based in Alfreton, Derby.

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