Tech Savvy New Ways to Pay

Tech Savvy New Ways to PayOver the past five years, the digital revolution experienced across the globe has continually altered and improved how people play, work and shop. Consumers are always on the lookout for new technology, powerful gadgets, apps and what-have-we for a more fast and easy transaction.

The era of “smart money” had become smarter, more expedient and, definitely, new ways to pay have become more advanced and increasingly attractive to people. With this, the economy will be experiencing a huge overhaul in the months to come as this money-less transactions will be spread from Europe to America and the rest of the world.

How It Works

Credit cards and other smart money payment systems have been around for years. People used these “smart money” to buy goods and services but, normally, these would take time requiring signature, verification and other quirkiness practiced in each establishment. But this is not the case nowadays. Take Visa payWave, for instance. When it comes to new ways to pay, Visa’s take in tech-savvy payment will be reshaping various lifestyles in the months to come.

It is, should I say, super-fast and convenient for the shopper to simply touch or “wave” your contactless card on a designated terminal upon checkout. All you need to do is find a “contactless” symbol on the counter and you are good to go. Good thing, it can even be used in one’s favourite hang-outs like Starbucks, Mc Donald’s, and other participating outlets that are growing in numbers.

The Mobile Revolution

When it comes to tech-savvy new ways to pay, however, the most exciting aspect is the infusion of mobile technology into this contactless system. People nowadays have become increasingly attached to their gadgetry particularly their mobile phones and handy Android tablets that come in varying sizes and shapes. Look around you and even children have become too engrossed in this mobile technology as it experiences a boom in the last three years or so. With this at hand, contactless payment allows one to simply download a particular application and make use of their mobile phones as a source of payment.

In the same way as “waving” your Visa card to the payment terminal, you can also do so with your mobile phone. The step is simple: hold/wave – confirmation – off you go! One advantage of mobile contactless payment is that you can easily keep track of your expenditures. Definitely, no need to wait for your month-end bill as you can simply check it on your mobile app. You can simply ask your bank or mobile network operator on such payment system for you to start using mobile contactless payments.

Top Perks of Contactless Payment

You might also be asking why look for new ways to pay when you are comfortable with what you have now. For one, it is convenient. You can simply bring your card or your mobile (which you simply do not part with anytime of day) when shopping and use it as a means to pay. Gone are the days where you need to fumble for coins or bills on your pockets as it can pay anything. When it comes to security, Visa payWave, for instance, offer various levels of security protection that makes it unique. Aside from the distance for a reader to read your card and the use of security code to confirm your payment, It also ensures real-time fraud monitoring as well as zero liability in case of theft or when lost.

Indeed, this is one of the most exciting new ways to pay. If you are having doubts about this, well, let us just say that the rest of the world will be picking up this rave and soon this will become an acceptable means to transact business, particularly shopping, for the rest of the populace. Definitely, you would not want to be left out.

A short but entertaining way to help you understand the advantages of technology in today’s quick payments can be viewed below:


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