Million Dollar Butterflies – Teaching the Magic of Entrepreneurship to Children

Million Dollar Butterflies - Teaching the Magic of Entrepreneurship to ChildrenMary MacNeilly’s Denver based children’s project, Million Dollar Butterflies, is catching fire!

Successful salesperson, business strategist and author of EXTREME BUSINESS BUILDING: From Concept to Profit in 60 Days, Mary realized that in order to build a strong, stable economy, we need to begin training our next generation of entrepreneurs while they are still young enough to incorporate an innovative perspective and basic business skills into their growing mindset.

Communicating through the fun of music and dance, her program teaches children life skills like responsibility, accountability, and leadership while introducing entrepreneurship, money, and business concepts.

Now, Million Dollar Butterflies has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce a nationally broadcast television show, that will allow them to reach thousands of kids, teens, and parents. Their mission is to teach entrepreneurship to kids from the ages 6-18, during a time when they get excited easily, and their creativity hasn’t been capped by the reality of our harsh world. Their goal is to help kids turn their passion into a purpose, monetize it, and become innovators!

Million Dollar Butterflies has been on the air in Denver since January 13th, 2013, when they launched their radio show on KLZ 560. Currently, their audience is roughly 100,000 listeners. They premiered their 30 minute Saturday morning TV Show on FOX31 Denver on April 27, 2013. Their initial ratings showed that 20.1% of all television viewers at that hour were watching their show! Their Internet TV Channel currently has about 22,500 views, with over 68,000 people engaged in their online brand (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Website, etc.).

Says Mary, “Working with Million Dollars Butterflies is a BLAST! It’s not “work”. It’s a dream come true! I get to sing, act, dance, rap, and write poetry, music, and TV scripts. I get to “preach” on-air to kids and families about building responsible lives. It’s fun knowing that the words that come out of my mouth are “heard” and accepted by this young generation and their parents! Working with kids brings out more creativity and ideas from me. I was always a creative person, but now the kids push me to really build this program in their language! They’ve taught me new social media networks, video game apps, and video editing skills! Together, we make an awesome team. They’re learning, I’m learning, and their parents are learning!”

Working with budding kid entrepreneurs on their programming has been an amazing experience for Mary as well as the children! 14-year-old Rylie used to be a shy girl. Now, she works side by side with Mary as co-host of their radio show, and the pair have even begun filming “Behind the Butterflies,” a reality TV show, documenting their fun journey. She’s excited to share the wealth with thousands of other children with the creation of their national program!

As Mary likes to imagine, “If we could get thousands of kids wanting to build successful lives before they graduated school, what would that do for our economy?”

Update – Editor’s Note: Since the publication of this article, the Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled. For more information, visit Million Dollar Butterflies

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  1. jack43 says:

    Contrary to the promises offered by politicians, entrepreneurs, not they, create jobs. Entrepreneurs, not those in political office, create new wealth. Entrepreneurs, not government agencies, keep the nation growing. When the Cold War ended and defense contracting diminished greatly, California not only replaced, but also exceeded the jobs lost from the defense industry. Entrepreneurs were responsible. Indeed, politicians, elected officials, and government agencies have only hurt job growth and the economy by getting in the way of entrepreneurs and forcing them to take their business elsewhere. We need to support projects that encourage young entrepreneurs AND discourage politicians, elected officials, and government agencies from getting in their way.

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