Great Space Saving Solutions for Small Kitchens

Great Space Saving Solutions for Small KitchensDesigning a new kitchen is an exciting and fulfilling project to undertake; there’s nothing like relaxing in your perfect room once the project’s completed and enjoying the fruits of all that labour.  However, the designs can also present some issues, especially if you have a smaller kitchen to work with.

The key to this is to integrate some tips and tricks to help save yourself space where you can, and because we’re lovely, we’ve gathered them together for you here:

Make use of the walls

Once they’ve filled up all of the kitchen cabinets, many people will choose to load up the counter space.  We’ve got no real idea why, though; there are perfectly good walls right there, ready to be used!  Make use of hooks and shelves to store cutlery, spice pots and all of the other little accessories – you’ll be amazed how much bigger your kitchen looks when the counter space isn’t all taken up.  This goes for knives, too – that classic knife-block is a real space sucker. Get a rack and put the knives on the walls along with everything else!

Use seating that can be stored

One of the best ways to save space in a smaller kitchen – especially if you want to try and have an island present – is to use tables that come with stools, and chairs that can be slid underneath the table when not in use.  You’ll be amazed as to how much more space this can give you.  It will also mean that if you’re over the sink for a longer period of time, you’ll have the option of a nearby seat (if you want one)!

Make use of your corners

In smaller kitchens, any wasted space is a sin, and corner cupboards in particular are often a complete waste.  A great way to take advantage of that space is to purchase a lazy Susan, whether used as extra shelf space for storing pots and pans, or simply as a bin for your recyclable waste.  Either way, you might as well make use of the space that’s there!  In terms of counter tops, a good way to make use of the corner is to actually install your sink there – you’d be amazed how much additional counter-top space this will give you around the rest of the kitchen.

Go for smaller appliances

Unless you regularly cook for a lot of people, then there really isn’t the need for you to install large, family-sized appliances.  If you really want a dishwasher, that’s fine: but consider a smaller one – the same goes for the cooker and cheap fridge freezers.  Going a size smaller on a couple of these appliances will present you with more spare space than you might think.

Add in extra space here and there

One of the keys to making the best of a small bespoke kitchen is to create space where there appears to be none.  For instance, if you’ve got an island in the centre of the room, then why not install a small wine cellar or an additional cupboard in it?  Alternatively, you could use it as a small chest of drawers.  A few of these minor installations and adjustments will provide you with enough space to keep the counter-tops clear, which is still the best way to give the impression of space in a smaller kitchen.

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  1. DebbyBruck says:

    I just love the photograph and the bright color with white. However, where are all the cabinets to store the dishes and glasses?

    • Amit Verma says:

      Glad you like the post and thanks for your comment. Cabinets to store the dishes and glasses still have to make space for them its up to you how to manage with this beautiful design kitchen :-)

  2. leenapaul76 says:

    Impressive! The ways of saving space are very logical and save unnecessary human efforts while working in kitchen.

  3. Luis says:

    Great article for saving space in our kitchen. Thank you for this awesome sharing with us.

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