Easy Father’s Day Crafts

father's day crafts

Sometimes Dads can be the hardest people to buy for—after all, there are only so many pairs of socks that you can give a man! So when it comes to this Father’s Day, you are probably looking for something that is both different and unique, whether it is for your kids to give their dad, or for your own father.

And when it is Father’s Day, the main purpose is let your father know just how much you appreciate them, and we all know that the best way to do this is with something that you made yourself—something that took time and effort and care.

Here are a few ideas for easy father’s day crafts.

Personalized Clothing

What’s better than buying your dad yet another tie for Father’s Day? How about a personalized tie? This can be a good idea for an easy activity for your kids, as they can simply decorate a tie cut out of cardstock for dad to put on his desk at work.

If you want to go one step further, you can create a personalized apron, or even some personalized boxers. This provides something that not only has a personal touch, but that dad can wear all the time.

Capturing Memories

For someone that does not want anything other than time with his family for father’s day, you can still give him a meaningful present that is comprised of memories that come from such past experiences. One good way to do this is to create a scrapbook. This can include pictures, quotes, and any other memories that you have collected from your dad over the years.

If you are not quite that creative, or do not want to spend the time on it, you could also just create a photobook with a collection of photos, and have it printed to give to him. Alternatively, just one picture of you and him in a homemade frame might be just the ticket for a meaningful, personal gift.

Homemade Golf Cover

For the golf-loving father, this is a great present that is also incredibly easy to make. Taken from Kids Fun Review, this particular example involves two pieces of fleece of your choice. One good idea can be to use animal fleece fabric on one side, and plain on the other. Alternatively you can decorate it yourself. All you have to do is cut tassels around the edge of the fleece, and then not them together on every side but one, and they can be slipped over golf clubs to protect them.

Personalized Mug

A person can never have enough mugs, and that becomes even more true when they are a gift from your children. Grab a plain mug of any color and go wild with decoration. If your kids are young, they might like to use glitter and paint to personalize it. If you want something that is a little less messy, you can decorate it with letters and spell out “I Love Dad” or something similar.

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