Cameras – A Whole New World at our Finger Tips

Cameras - A Whole New World at our Finger TipsAs technology these days is increasing at a very fast pace, we have been fortunate to witness some amazing developments. In particular, cameras now allow us to make sure that the special moments we cherish in our lives are never to be forgotten – the moments that we wish would stay with us forever.

No matter wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you have a camera with you, you can save those precious moments. We could really consider that science in this case has bestowed a blessing upon us. Now you can take pictures of your loved situations in a flash.

One of the greatest things about cameras is that there are so many different possibilities available at our fingertips. Some cameras have the ability to only take pictures. However some of them even come with the added feature of making multiple videos, panoramic shots, added filters, continuous photos, red eye reduction and much more.

The standard of cameras is also continuously being raised. These days cameras are available which can take picture with the highest quality standards ever seen by mankind. There are certain cameras available in the market that could take pictures of up to 46-mega pixels sensitivity. To be honest though, for the average user, this resolution is unnecessary unless you wanted to achieve professional standards or blow the pictures up to canvas size. For ordinary household use, a 12 to 16 mega pixel sensitivity camera is more than enough. Not only is it possible to take a high quality picture with this, it is also a lot more affordable too.

The latest versions of cameras are quite attractive and small enough to fit in the pocket. They come in different prices. Some brands provide us with the same quality, but their price is high due to the brand name. This is the time when choosing the right option comes into play. I would choose a few reputable brands and then start looking into their pixel quality, then the zoom quality and the quality of the lens. On top of that, it is worth considering the price difference between the different models.

A particular pain point I have come across is when a message appears suddenly saying that the memory is full, or the camera cannot take anymore pictures due to a certain reason. It all depends on the storage capacity of the camera. In general the more storage available, the better. For this issue, choosing a camera with an SD card facility is the perfect solution. Keep in mind that there are a few SD storage cards that can only store up to 8 pictures at a time. It all depends on the quality of the picture the camera takes.

I will give you an example on this. If a camera has 12 mega pixels resolution, a  ‘1 Giga byte’ memory card will take about 200 pictures. Similar to it, a 10 mega pixel camera will be able to store more pictures in the same storage capacity. Another option is to reduce the resolution of the pictures the camera takes which can usually be done by changing the settings.  You can also keep several memory cards on you and that way you can swap cards when one gets full.

In any case, using a camera has brought me a lot of joy even despite the fact that I keep loosing them! I would encourage any budding photographer to go out, experiment and enjoy the experience of capturing memories as much as possible.

David writes about the changing world of how classic brands continue to offer the same range of successful products decade after decade and survive the ever changing storm in one of the world’s most competitive and fad-focussed consumer markets.

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