7 Unconventional Uses for Honey

7 Unconventional Uses for HoneyFor centuries, people have been enjoying honey as a tasty sweet treat and welcome addition to their meals, but did you know that this incredible substance can do so much more than satisfy a sugar craving?

The many widespread properties of honey, and it’s ability to never spoil (honey has been found in Egyptian tombs), make it the perfect substance to keep for long term food storage, and is more than one way in which it can get you out of a bind.

Here are just seven of a long list of incredible, unconventional uses for honey.

1. Colds and Sore Throats

Many people are already aware that honey can be an excellent cure for sore throats, but what a lot of people do not know is that it is also a good cold remedy. So much so, that some people take a teaspoon of honey along with their other morning vitamins, as it has been said to boost immunity. Although nothing can cure a cold once you have it, you can rest assured that honey will ease the symptoms considerably.

2. Antiseptic

Another use for honey is as a dressing for wounds. It has antibacterial properties—part of what make it last so long—and has been used for centuries as an antibacterial agent to treat wounds, burns, and skin ulcers, among other things. When used in such a way, it has been known to decrease inflammation, swelling, and pain, and can help to prevent bandages from sticking to skin.

3. Skincare

If you are looking to make a face mask at home, honey is an ingredient that will be in most recipes. It has excellent moisturizing properties, as well as being a gentle exfoliant and acne remover. It can work wonders simply by being applied topically to blemishes.

4. Energy Booster

Those energy drinks with fancy labels and gallons of chemicals are both expensive and unnecessary. Think of honey as a natural energy booster, with the high glucose content known to help reduce fatigue and improve mental sharpness. Try mixing some honey with a glass of water and you have your very own natural energy drink.

5. Haircare

For distressed hair, honey can do wonders. Honey can reduce frizz, stimulate growth, and add moisture to your hair. This makes it a good conditioner or even something to use in a hair mask. Surprisingly, honey can also be used as a natural hair dye. Try combining some honey with a little bit of lemon juice, and you can instantly add natural highlights to your hair.

6. Deodorant

Honey has quite a distinct smell, but it is also capable of removing unpleasant smells, by absorbing odors. This has its benefits when applied to unpleasant wounds, but it can also be useful if you have a problem with foot odor, underarm body odor, or perhaps you just ran out of deodorant! If you have any of these problems, try coating the area with honey for a few minutes while bathing.

7. Treat Anxiety

Well what do you know? Honey can treat the mind as well as the body. Try some honey in your tea, or perhaps porridge with honey and you will find that the anxiousness leaves your mind and you will feel calm once more.

Lee Flynn

Lee Flynn

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  1. HoneycombValleyFarm says:

    Leah, all that and also fab as a moisturising face mask (mix it with raw goats milk & organic rice flour) …that you can eat as you wash it off! :) http://www.honeycombvalley.com.au

  2. DebbyBruck says:

    I love the bees. They are a vital part of our environment and ecosystem. We must protect them.

    • Amit Verma says:

      Yep agree with you bees are nature best gift to us for their natural honey making techniques. Save and protect nature’s best gift for better future and health. Hugs for your comment dear :-)

  3. JasonB says:

    As sticky as honey is using it for deodorant seems a little odd :) But I love honey mustard!

  4. Great post, Lee! I had no idea honey had so many awesome uses. I may have to try it out as a skincare and energy booster. Thanks for the awesome tips, mate!

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