6 Tips For Planning A Spa Trip On A Budget

6 Tips For Planning A Spa Trip On A BudgetMany perceive destination spas to be reserved for the rich and elite; however, it is possible that you can visit the lavish poolside of a five-star resort.  By following some simple money-saving tips, you too can pamper yourself with the finest body treatments and massages.

Whether you want to schedule a treatment at the local glitzy day spa or spend the week on a tropical island, here are a few tips from the spa marketing pros at Livelovespa that will help you get there on a budget.

1. Sign up on a group-buying website online

Although your favorite salon may not currently have any online coupons available, keep checking.  The truth is, you can find coupons to popular luxury spas in your area if you look at the right time.  You can even sign up to be on the email list so that they will alert you when a coupon is available.  Spa marketing campaigns often post specials on group-buying websites that can save you up to 70% off of various services ranging from laser hair removal to microdermabrasion.

2. Schedule your trip during off-season

Most resort spas will have peak seasons where they charge more for accommodations and services.  If the resort is planning an event, the prices may go up as well.  Look online to find out when the resort has a down-time.  During off-season, destination spas will offer incentives to fill their rooms.  From discounted spa treatment packages to room upgrades, this is definitely the best time to pamper yourself at a spa retreat.

3. Buy a package

Instead of buying each service ala carte, purchase a spa service package.  Packages bundle various spa services together, and then offer them at a discounted price.  Not only will you get the services that you want, but you may get a special treatment that you didn’t expect.  You may just find a favorite new service that you can’t live without.

4. Pre-purchase your treatments

If you are booking a spa vacation several months from now, schedule your spa services at the same time.  Certain spas will offer discounts off of their services when scheduled ahead.  Although you may have to prepay for your services, you are getting a great deal.  Planning ahead means you don’t have to worry about scheduling your service once you get to the resort.

5. Limit your activities

Once you’re at the lavish resort, find things to do that don’t require an extra fee.  While nutrition classes, yoga, and hiking excursions may cost extra money, opt to spend time lounging on the beach or reading a book by the pool.  These things are free, and just as relaxing.  If there is a class or activity that you’re just dying to experience, limit your excursions to one or two.

6. Look for all-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive resorts bundle food, drinks, treatments, and accommodations into one flat rate.  Since food and drinks can add up to be one of the most costly expenses on the trip, you can save a substantial amount by simply pre purchasing everything.

Don’t let your budget keep you from experiencing the finest in resort vacations.  Planning your vacation beforehand will save you money, and allow you the time to get your funds together for the trip of a lifetime.

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