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VexxHost - Best Solution for your Web HostingWeb hosting is now become part of your business and your daily life. Almost all companies now have their own website from which they easier published their product information and share with the world quickly and faster than any other services.

So for web hosting service you have to buy subscription from web hosting companies and now in market their our many companies offer you best deals to attract you and offer many services which you find not much worthy after buying the subscription.

As we our on ModernLifeBlogs worked with many hosting provider but their services and server made our blogging work frustrating as we always get server related issue like web site slow response, server down and more etc.. So we our searching for better hosting provider and thank to our research team we have found VexxHost.

So we have chatted with their sales team and setup account in min. and migrated our site to VexxHost Cloud server. Our site is now more faster and no downtime at all and our server running smoothly so we concentrate on our blogging and whatever we want to do.

Web Hosting

{VexxHost Services}

Shared Web Hosting

Create and build your website within minutes. High Performance Web Hosting latest technologies for web hosting needs in order to ensure nothing but high performance, quality web hosting.

Cloud Sites

The easiest way to get your website hosted on the cloud. The Cloud: Simplified. No downtime. No outages. No headaches. Simple & Easy cPanel® Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Servers

Setup Linux® or Windows® servers within minutes. Cloud servers are highly available virtual servers that combine the high performance of dedicated servers & the easy scalability of virtual private servers into an easily managed, hourly billed service.


Scalable & Easy to Use

High performance cloud hosting platform. This allows you to manage your website easily while being able to scale your website with zero downtime.

High Performance Platform

All you need to do is upload your website and your website speed will be instantly supercharged.

Fully Managed & Monitored

You don’t have to worry about performance or uptime; Vexxhost team handle that entire process for you. You can focus on running your website, nothing more.

Designed for Businesses

With the highest level of performance and reliability delivered from cloud sites platform and priority 24x7x365 support, you can rest assured that we’re always ready for your business hosting needs.

Over 200+ Applications

Install your new WordPress blog within minutes. Create your new Drupal, Joomla or Mambo web site with a couple of clicks. All these scripts are available directly from your cPanel® control panel.

Highly Available DNS

DNS is the most critical element of your website. Without it, your website falls off the internet and becomes inaccessible. Vexxhost DNS system is fully redundant ensuring 100% uptime of your website.

Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backups

Vexxhost take care of your data so you don’t have to worry about it. Platform backs up your website up to each hour and allows you to restore your website to the exact state it was anytime up to 1 month in the past. The fully automated process restores your site within minutes.

CloudFlare Optimized Hosting Partner

Vexxhost exclusive partnership with CloudFlare allows us to bring you the latest website acceleration technology with no additional costs. CloudFlare Railgun decreases your page load times all around the world, our partnership offers you this website optimization software valued at $200 for free.

Advanced Firewall Protection

Your website is fully isolated on our web hosting services therefore your data is locked down with no one other than you that has access to your files. With multiple layers of firewall protection, significantly reduce the amount of attacks on your website using their systems.

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