The Perfect Surprise Birthday

The Perfect Surprise Birthday

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Not everyone believes in celebrating birthdays and it seems that once you reach a certain age you simply don’t care as much as you did when you were younger. Some people even forget how old they actually are and others are terrified of birthdays because in the past they have been really disappointed.

This is truly sad as a birthday should be a celebration of that person’s life and in reality; no-one really hates their birthday, just like no-one really hates surprises; as long as they are nice ones. Therefore, one of the perfect birthday celebrations is a surprise party.

The first thing to plan is the location, as you will then have a better idea of the budget needed and you will be able to send out invitations. Surprise parties can be held pretty much anywhere as long as all the guests are able to get there. Consider the amount of guests you want to invite and what sort of activities you are planning on having. Options include pubs or clubs, town halls or conference centres or even your own home.

Some people have them in the office, particularly when you are celebrating a colleague’s birthday, while others prefer to go out somewhere different, such as a bowling alley or ice rink. Nowadays many venues have birthday offers, allowing you a reduced price for all your guests. If you are on a tight budget consider having it in someone’s home or in a park or other venue without a price tag attached to it.

After the venue has been arranged you can get a little more inventive with your planning. Food, drink and the cake are all essential parts of the surprise party and should not be overlooked. Remember this party is for the birthday boy or girl, so while you should consider the tastes of your guests, you are ultimately trying to please that one individual. If they are vegetarian, vegan or allergic to anything it is simplest to order food based on this. After all it is their day, so they shouldn’t have to look at food they hate. When it comes to drink it is your call whether you want to buy alcohol or ask people to bring their own.

If you are having the party in a venue with a bar then this isn’t an issue, but if the budget can’t stretch to alcohol then you could ask people to contribute to the cost of the party, allowing you to sort it all out beforehand. Try to be a little imaginative with the cake as this will be the focus of the food selection. Whether you opt for a bouquet of cupcakes or a personalised cake with the recipient’s face printed on the top, choose something unexpected that will make him or her smile and feel appreciated.

Finally, and this is possibly the most important part of the surprise party, the birthday gifts. You might assume that bringing gifts to a party is for children and not for adults, but you’d be wrong. Why do people bring gifts to a child’s party? Because they want to show the birthday girl or boy that they are loved and to make them smile. This should apply no matter what the age of the recipient might be. You can choose a theme if you wanted to ensure that everyone brought a suitable gift. The theme could relate to the style of the party or you could create a personalised theme, ensuring that all guests make that extra effort to find a gift perfect for the individual.

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