The Genius behind a Creative Agency

The Genius behind a Creative AgencyCreativity is tied to nature like air for human beings. So when it come to capture it, bottle it up and share it, it takes great minds to constantly seek the new, the trendy, the next innovation that will become a hit.

The digital era has brought many possibilities for the creative mind to be unleashed and while there is never a lack of ideas, there is a form of mastery to design and concept that goes into the basics notion of creativity and marketing. Here are 3 fundamentals to a successful creative career:

A creative agency is marketing communication first

While creativity and artistry go well together, communication must remain the first focus of a creative agency. To communicate an idea into a direct concept in the shortest amount of time is a challenge that requires a great deal of affinity with the way the human being connects, shares, relates and ultimately is. Words, shapes, colors, textures, platforms, visuals, texts and more, everything together creates a complex web of possibilities to position a message and target an audience. To remain faithful to the core of a message while exploring ways to surprise and engage is genius.

Simplicity before complexity

While the web has open the greatest doors to all kinds of technological capabilities to share information, the consumer finds himself overwhelmed by the choices, the quantities and the endless data stimulation. Simplicity conveys message with much more efficiency because it requires less energy spending which translates into be a more remarkable experience. The genius of the successful creative thinker is to reduce a complex idea into something easily digestable and powerfully memorable.

Have one foot in the box and another outside of it

Not only necessary but more so essential is the creative “straddle” way. To be able to relate to a mainstream flow so that the message appears relevant for many while daring the innovative vibe and spark a new trend is something that reveals genius. Indeed, creative marketing strategies are best seen when bridges are created between what is known and what is yet to be discovered. Intriguing the consumer with the new has its limits and at the same time taking the risk to bore him with the “been-there-done-that” cannot be an option. Finding the perfect balance between both demands a real talent in listening skills, curiosity, field-knowledge and human psychology.

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