Taipei – A Shopping and Culinary Destination

Taipei - A Shopping and Culinary DestinationThrough its early days, Taipei evolved with various settlements. The influx of the Chinese settlers being the most significant, but historically, it is has been known that Taipei was a lake, nestled in the heart of majestic mountain ranges.

Taipei and its History

One look at Taipei as you fly into the city is breathtaking, if you look down you see a beautiful city surrounded by lush green mountains. Taipei was first inhabited by immigrants from across the pacific, and then by the Chinese and eventually was taken over by the Japanese. The influence of the changing inhabitants has left a significant impact on the culture and food habits of the city.

Even today if you go shopping you can find little knick knacks that show the influence of several cultures and if it is food that you are interested in, Taipei will give you an experiences of gastronomical proportions. Now let’s take a look at some of the things to do in Taipei during a stay here.

Huaxi Night Market

You cannot leave Taipei with a visit to this market. This market is famous for rather unique commodities, which are also delicious. You will find shrimp, meat soup, eel noodles and even snake meat, truly exotic.

Taipei is known to be something of a foodie heaven, so don’t take this area lightly. Make sure that you plan enough time into your trip to get around the whole market, and then some more. In all likelihood, as soon as you start snacking, it will be very difficult for you to stop!


Bali is the shopping destination in Taipei. A major tourist city in Taipei, this city offers some exclusive and most-sought after merchandise for everyone. From designer labels to locally made products this city has it all. You’ll find that this place is suitable for all budgets and price ranges.

Yangmingshan National Park

This park is a sight to behold, from the sprawling bamboo forests to the piping hot springs. This is the must visit destination for tourists who want to be close to nature. The park boasts of over 1200 species of vegetation. It is especially famous for the Japanese cheery tree that blooms a beautiful pink making the area around it cheerful. It also houses species like azaleas and rhododendrons. Since this is deemed an ecologically protected park, construction in it is not allowed.

There is far more about Taipie than what we’ve covered here. Make sure you have lots to time to see the rest of the city and you’ll leave with unforgettable memories to boot.

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