Samsung Note 3 Rumors: What we Think we Know for Now

Samsung Note 3 Rumors - What we Think we Know for NowThe Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most successful smartphones in 2012, shipping more than 5 million units a mere two months after it was made available to the public. It is important to consider that the Note 2 was in a different field altogether—it is bigger than your average smartphone at 5.5 inches, so it occupies a different niche among modern mobile gadgets. With the trailblazing Note 1 and the widely successful Note 2, it’s safe to assume that Samsung is at the top of the phablet niche.

This builds up the anticipation for its next phablet offering, the Galaxy Note 3 (assuming that it will follow Samsung’s typical nomenclature). And while its predecessors got unveiled sometime during the fourth quarter of their release year, it is rumored that the Note 3 would be out earlier. It is anticipated to hit the shelves around July-August, just in time to compete against Apple’s next flagship smartphone. From the rumors circulating the web, here’s what we know so far about Samsung’s next phablet.

Even bigger display

The first Note made waves when it came out sporting a 5.3-inch display. Many were apprehensive, saying that it was too big, too cumbersome to be useful. But many were curious about its added heft and considerably bigger screen real estate. After selling several million units, the public was sold with the “phablet” idea, and many other manufacturers fielded their own versions. When the Note 2 arrived, it sported an even bigger display at 5.5 inches.

Now armed with a faster processor and a more responsive stylus, users finally realized the potential of the phablet, not just for entertainment but also for productivity. The bigger display is perfect for the Jelly Bean OS’ split screen feature, wherein users can run two apps simultaneously. This turns the Samsung phablet into the perfect business phone, with ample space to work on different projects at the same time.

It is rumored that the Note 3 would sport a 5.9-inch screen, the biggest by far in a Samsung smartphone. This nearly six-incher would have an HD display with upwards of 400 ppi pixel density, an aspect that the Note 2 clearly lagged on with just 267 ppi density on a 720 x 1280-pixel resolution.

A more powerful processor

Even with the late-2012 release, the Note 2 still has one of the best innards in the market, packing a Exynos quad core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 processor. It can breeze through even the most demanding apps in the market, making it easy for users to run multiple apps simultaneously without any lags or crashes. If the rumors are true, the processor under the Note 3’s hood would totally be on a higher level than the Note 2.

Just like the S4, it would come in two processor variants, the quad core version and the eight core version. The quad core Note 3 would be endowed with Qualcomm’s flagship processor, the Snapdragon 800, with four cores clocking 2.3 GHz each. The eight-core Note 3 would have the Exynos Octa processor, with two quads running underneath: one clocked at 1.9 GHz and one at 1.6 GHz.

Juicier Battery

With every upgrade in the Note line comes a boost in the battery department. The first Note had a 2600 mAh, while the Note 2 comes with a 3100 mAh batt. Rumors project that the Note 3 would have to go up more than a notch in order to keep up with the demands of a faster processor, so a 3500 or even a 4000 mAh would be in place.

These rumors are pretty interesting and remotely possible, considering that they’re borne from comparisons with the previous Note models. Still, these are Internet rumors, so it’s important to take them with a grain of salt and just hope for the best come reveal day.

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