Partnering with Influential Blogs to share your Brand

Partnering with Influential Blogs to share your BrandBloggers have grown like mushrooms and spread like mycelium throughout the web. While some companies have enjoyed this growth and used blogging as a way to share their content, brand and messages, others have failed at it and wasted a precious time to share their image into the world through personable connection and a priceless sense of authority.

Blogging is a daily, time-consuming and even expensive full-time job even for those who have caught the flow early on. While it is never too late for new comers to make their mark in the blogging world and create their niche, another solution appears as most evident for the big companies whose marketing strategy seeks a more personable approach with a limited timeline and still an influential impact. This solution is to sub-contract or partner with blogs that have found their niche, captivated a broad audience and built their presence with charisma and professionalism.

Blogging has become the state-of-the-art marketing as it has enabled business to  find their niche and directly connect with their audience through the mastery of those who have build their reputation around it. Here are 4 reasons why multi-millions dollars companies must rethink marketing through successful blogging to share their brand:

1 – Influence your niche

The beauty about blogging is that the content determines the niche. When the niche is defined, then the content keep attracting more of the niche and the audience keeps on growing thought viral sharing. Everyone knows that reaching your target audience is one of the challenges that big brand as well as little ones must face. When marketing starts to be more interested in those who have already established their audience and determine their market, then those have done most of the work. To find bloggers with an specific niche of followers is like finding the map to a treasure.

2 – Direct your message

Bloggers have done the work for you. They have known what their passion is and they have shared it with their words, their tech knowledge and their SEO refinement. These are steps that can take months and months for a company to establish. Intelligence works smart not hard. To be intelligent is to use the resources already in place and find ways to co-exist and collaborate so that everyone finds a space. Define your company business and look into influential blogs who are sharing the same one. Like-mindedness brings people together and ultimately expand your clientele based more accurately.

3 – Use established trust

One of the most potent reasons to use an established platform such as an influential blog to share your brand is naturally the trust level that is so challenging to establish and that already exists through the time and energy spent via each and every post and technology upgrade. Trust and business are so intertwined that it would be nearly suicidal for a business not to enjoy the benefit of it when it is already existent. Competition calls for trust, integrity and confidence. Look for a blog you can afford that carries your vision, your message and your values and find a way to partner so that you become an instant trustworthy business in the eyes of those who trust the blogging platform.

4 – Lower your expenses

This may be the last but certainly it is not the least for those in business. Researches, marketing and promotion ca be  such a heavy cost for an entity that anything that can become cost effective in this matter is worth being considered. Bloggers with an established platform mean: time saving, limited marketing research expenses, shared online cost, instant knowing about return on investment through statistics, easy control over marketing expenses… These are priceless benefits of partnering with an influential blog that has worked hard to establish its presence and is ready to offer it. It is a two-way winning process.

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  1. I just wrote a post on this the other day. Everything you say is true. Thanks for confirming what we already believe. Great info.

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