Online Reviews and Their Importance in Internet Marketing

Online Reviews and Their Importance in Internet MarketingNothing is more convenient than shopping for products in the Internet. Nowadays, a lot of small businesses take their marketing prowess to the Internet in order to reach a wide demographic of tech-savvy individuals who like to browse and click for great finds. Indeed, online shopping has become a part of everyday life, since some people today don’t have time to go out to look for a product and gauge its quality and price.

However, it is imperative for those who want to shop online to take into consideration the safety of the product they want to buy, and also if it is effectiveness and worth. In this regard, shoppers should turn to online reviews. What are they? Simply put, they are the digital equivalents of word-of-mouth, which is common in old-fashioned retail.

Just like reviews from word-of-mouth testimonies, online reviews are firsthand accounts of people talking about their experiences with a certain product they purchased. An online review usually contains the benefits and other outstanding qualities of the product, as well as its downsides. Generally, a satisfactory product would result in a review that is 80 percent positive and 20 percent negative. Obviously, a bad product would result in a usually negative review, full of dissatisfying comments.

Online reviews can be in a form of essays, written in one or two paragraphs. Mainly positive, such reviews are usually written in personal blogs that may also include negative comments about the product. Also, online reviews are also written in websites specially dedicated to reviews. While these reviews would help customers a lot in determining if an individual item or a group of products are worth buying, they also help Internet marketers who promote the products themselves through the use of social media and the websites they optimize.

Indeed, online reviews benefit both consumers, marketers, and, in a sense, the whole Internet marketing scheme in general. A business that relies on customers that value quality over price should be happy with the statistics regarding the use of online reviews. It is said that around 52 percent of consumers are more likely to take advantage of an online business’ portfolio of products if the latter has generally positive reviews. Also, about 52 percent of people trust user-generated online reviews just as much as recommendations from close friends and family members. These stats go to show the benefits of reviews not only for customers but also for those who engage in online marketing.

In order for the online business to flourish, it is important for it to obtain reviews; positive ones to be exact. Marketers may have their satisfied customers right a review about the site via the business’ e-mail, and when it has accumulated mostly general reviews, it would be helpful if they are posted under the testimonials section of the business website. That way, more and more people who search online for product will be engaged into making transactions online, therefore generating more income for the business. Such is the power of online reviews.

Steven Boccone is a seasoned economist and business executive who partakes in the financial management industry. In recent years, he focused on Internet marketing, making him one of the pioneers in the said industry. You can follow him on Twitter @StevenBoccone and on Google+

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