How Voice Picking Software can help you in Managing your Warehouse

How Voice Picking Software can help you in Managing your WarehouseWarehouses in many locations require workers to be fast and accurate because these workers perform thousands of picks every hour. Pick by voice software eliminates the need for workers to constantly look at paperwork or use both hands during the picking operation.

Warehouse operators use voice picking software systems to communicate with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) while performing picking operations. Speech recognition and speech synthesis are two important elements of voice picking software systems.

Voice instructions are transmitted to the warehouse operator through a headset. The warehouse operator verbally confirms actions via a microphone sent back to the system. The warehouse operator reads back the last two or three digits of the picked item to ensure that the system verifies that the correct item has been selected. The WMS will provide the operator with the next instruction based upon the WMS system algorithm.

Voice picking software improves productivity, accuracy and safety. Industries using this software are grocery, food and beverage, retail, consumer product goods and other distribution operations. Pick by voice replaces paper-based or mobile computer-based systems that require workers to read instructions, scan bar codes or key-enter information to confirm daily tasks performed.

Voice systems include a voice server to communicate with inventory, order management or WMS systems and with voice-enabled RF terminals used by workers on the warehouse floor. The voice server complements WMS functionality by including order, task and process management capabilities.

Pick by voice software benefits warehouse operations in many ways. Warehouse managers are able to measure the time cost of various warehouse activities including the time it takes to unload a truck or pack a container. Managers use this software to create a list of tasks performed by each warehouse worker. Voice picking software assists workers in various warehouse tasks including picking, put away, replenishment and shipping. Pick by voice software runs on many hardware devices including iPads, table PCs and smart phones increasing the popularity of these mobile systems among both warehouse managers and floor workers.

The evolution of voice picking software provides warehouse managers with increased levels of productivity and return on investment. Accuracies are increasing while error incidence decreases. The new pick by voice technologies reduces the time it takes to train new workers. Greater customer satisfaction is achieved because the hands-and eyes-free voice picking systems permit operators to concentrate on an activity with greater accuracy and timeliness.

Voice technology is available across all of the Accord warehouse management software modules, including Order Picking, Goods Receiving, Stock taking, Picking Face replenishment and Labour Management. It is suitable for both standard and bonded warehouse operations.

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