Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom Can Get Easier

Decorating Your Child's Bedroom Can Get EasierIt’s challenging enough decorating your infant’s bedroom, picking out the perfect crib, dressers, rocking chair, wallpaper lining and kids’ curtains. However, fast forward several years to a time when your child is not only walking but zipping around the neighborhood on her own bike on weekends and attending fifth grade on weekdays. The job of decorating your newborn’s room probably seems like a piece of cake now.

After all, newborns don’t have an opinion on how their living space should look. Not so with pre-teens and teens. To make decorating your child’s bedroom an easier process, solicit your child’s suggestions for how he wants his room to look.

One option would be to ask your child to go to her room and decorate, promising that you’ll come in later and offer suggestions to enhance the room. The overall objective of the process is to let your child express herself through the decorations she chooses, independent of your input, to liven her sleeping space with. You may discover that your child prefers a solid color of painting or wallpaper. If your child is a sports enthusiast (a soccer, track and field or tennis lover, perhaps), she may want to hang curtains that are covered with sports figures or sports equipment. By hanging different designs of draperies each year or every other year, you could also keep the room interesting and welcoming.

In fact, kids’ curtains are an accessory that is generally low in price and easy to change. After all, changing curtains is as simple as removing the fabric from rods and replacing them with new, stylish curtains, a process that takes a matter of minutes. Calypso, sheer, Chadwick, Chambray and Daisy curtains are types of window treatments you could hang in your child’s room. Other options open to you are floor length and window length curtains. For a heavier feel (and added privacy) consider hanging drapes with intriguing designs.

Other tips that you can incorporate into the process of decorating your child’s room include keeping storage bins at a height that makes it easy for your child to store his supplies. This could encourage your child to clean up after himself, staying organized. Design wall space that allows your child to hang favorite pictures, postcards and trinkets. To add zest to the room, use different types of lighting in your child’s room.

If you let your child play a key role in decorating her room, you could make the entire process of giving the room a facelift easier. You could also send your child the message that you value her opinions and want her to enjoy her sleeping space, the same place where your child might spend hours talking with their friends, playing games and studying.

Christina Rubendall is a mother of 2 and interior decorator.

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