Choosing the Right Chair for your Office

Choosing the Right Chair for your OfficeAs all office workers will know, comfort at work is paramount to job enjoyment. We’ve all had jobs where we’ve found ourselves twisting and contorting all day to try to get comfortable. But if the chair is wrong in the first place, it’s pointless. You’ll never find a comfortable angle. It’s extremely when you spend so long in the office, it’s crucial that you find a chair that suits you to avoid backache, muscular pain and other posture-related injuries. But what chair is best?

Executive chairs generally have a high, curved back for maximum head support and privacy. The seat and back tend to be made from thick, padded leather, and there is usually a footrest and armrests. However, executive chairs tend to be used to establish a sense of hierarchy in the workspace, so it’s not ideal to give them to all of your staff. Instead, keep executive chairs for the more superior employees for the best psychological effects.

Standard office chairs, or ‘task chairs’, are the most common and cheapest chairs found in the workplace. These tend to have coarse woven fabric padding, a swivel function and possibly some armrests. While these are suitable for short bursts of sitting, the back is very low and offers very little support. There is also often no footrest, and while this can be remedied by adjusting the height, it’s not ideal. The legs being at the incorrect angle could lead to circulatory problems, so a footrest is ideal.

Ergonomic chairs are becoming increasingly popular. These have been based on the shape and posture of real people, so are the best option for the majority of the office. The backrests are higher than on standard office chairs, and most come with armrests as standard for more comfortable typing. They provide better support for the back and shoulders, which makes sitting at a desk all day a lot more comfortable.

If you possibly can, be sure to avoid hard plastic ‘school chairs’. If you use them in your building at all, leave them in kitchens where they can be easily wiped down and people won’t be using them for too long. It can be extremely uncomfortable to sit on these for long periods of time, and can lead to back pains and trapped nerves as people sit still on the unrelenting plastic for hours on end.

Your staff’s comfort should be paramount when choosing chairs for your office, and don’t buy uncomfortable chairs just for the sake of cost. Your staff will thank you when they are more comfortable and more productive at work.

Colin Warnock advises business owners on the best furniture and supplies to promote productivity in the workplace.

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