5 Ways Surfing Can Improve Your Lifestyle

5 Ways Surfing Can Improve Your LifestyleSurfing is a sport often attributed to young people, but really it’s a sport for everybody. Like scuba diving, you can take it up at any age.

All you need is the will to do so and the commitment to get involved in an adrenaline-pumping sport. Surfing does more than just set the pulse pounding. It provides benefits to all areas of life.

Here are five ways the sport of surfing can improve your lifestyle.

1. Visit Exotic Countries

 The surfing fraternity is a global one. Surfers, in the pursuit of improving their skills, set off around the world and take to the waves in diverse nations like South Africa, the US, and Costa Rica. Visitors to Costa Rica travel around the more isolated locations and meet other surfers at the beach bars, whereas surfers in Hawaii enjoy the competitions and the thrill of a big win.

It’s an excuse to bring you closer to other cultures and to broaden your horizons. Surfing is a global sport.

2. Improve Your Mental Health

 Surfing is more than a physical workout. It also taxes the mind and encourages patience, logic, and determination.

The best surfers must learn patience as some of the most highly sought-after surf spots in the world only have big waves at certain times. It’s also a sport where you must learn to read the waves and the movements of the water. And it breeds determination as you confront bigger waves and more chaotic conditions.

3. Core Strength

Organic food and lots of press-ups are two ways to build core strength. Surfing has many of the same characteristics as swimming. It works your core as you paddle out into the ocean and climb onto the board to ride along a cresting wave. In the beginning, you’ll feel all sorts of aches and pains as you use muscles you never thought existed. This core strength can make daily tasks so much easier.

4. Cardiovascular Power

 Spending a day communing with the world’s oceans requires stamina and strength. An hour or two is enough for most average people. The world’s greatest surfers always have washboard abs and buns of steel. They need them to keep up with the demands of consistent surfing.

The furious pumping of your heart isn’t just excitement. It’s the heart getting stronger by forcing blood around your body. By strengthening your heart you’re helping to stave off serious cardiovascular diseases.

5. Happiness

 Happier people tend to live longer. By being happy, you’re reducing the amount of stress on your shoulders. It’s why you rarely see a surfer who is cranky and grumpy. They’re laid back for a reason.

The happiness comes through the constant release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins cause the feelings of pleasure we experience whenever we do something we love. Ask your friends after a few months of surfing. They’ll report how you’ve become more relaxed and less likely to get irritated over the smallest problems.

If you want to live longer and be healthier, then take up surfing!

Geoff McCabe
He is an eco minded entrepreneur and surf loving organic farmer. He operates several eco friendly projects and the Anamaya Yoga Retreat from his home in Costa Rica.
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