5 Additions to Increase the Value of Your Home

5 Additions to Increase the Value of Your HomeA home is probably the most significant financial investment most people will ever make. Accordingly, it makes sense that homeowners would be motivated to make improvements to their property that will add to its overall value. Whether you’re planning to live in your current home for the rest of your life or you know that someday you’d like to sell for a profit, there are five essential improvements you can make that will add substantially to the value of your home.

1. Professionally Landscaped Garden

A beautifully planned, well maintained yard is a crucial selling point for any home. Not only will a professionally landscaped garden appeal to potential buyers, but it will also make you feel more satisfied with your home. Without a doubt, people associate a great garden with a warm and inviting home. A beautiful yard has the power to bring the family together for relaxation and enjoyment, thereby enhancing quality of life. Moreover, beautiful landscaping reflects well on the homeowner and makes a positive difference in the appearance of the neighbourhood. A beautiful garden can even help to increase the value of the homes around it. It also has the effect of increasing the liveable square footage of your home since a beautiful garden space can easily be seen as adding an extra room onto the house.

2. Installing a Patio or Deck

This addition is closely related to the professionally landscaped garden. A new deck or patio similarly increases the liveable space in your home. In fact, such an addition is one of the most cost effective investments you can make in your home’s value. The project itself is far less expensive and time consuming than building another room, yet it still enables you to increase your square footage. Add accessories like a grill, stylish patio furniture and some container gardens to make your deck the most attractive area on your property. Consider making the patio a screened in area to keep out pests or adding an awning to minimize the effects of direct sunlight to make this outdoor space even more user friendly. This site has a pretty cool gallery of the various types of patio designs available.

3. Automatic Sprinkler System

Gorgeous lawns and a blooming garden add value to your home, but they also require quite a bit of work to maintain. An automatic sprinkler system is just the thing you need to make the task easier and to enhance your home’s marketability. While it may cost more, it’s generally advisable to go with a professionally designed and installed sprinkler system. Commit to adding more sprinkler heads as this will make the system more flexible. You’ll be able to have much more control over where the water flows and how much pressure goes to each area of the yard, which is far more efficient. Also, don’t skimp on the quality of the sprinkler heads and the control panel. Quality components will last longer, deliver better efficiency and are more likely to add value when it’s time to sell.

4. Automatic Garage Door

Few things are as frustrating as having to get out of the car to open and close a garage door. While an automatic garage door can be seen as something of a non-necessity, it’s also incredibly convenient. Imagine never having to get out of your car in the rain to open the garage door. That’s the kind of extravagance most people don’t want to be without. Additionally, many people shopping for a new home simply expect to find an automatic garage door opener. This just might be the feature that tips the scale in favour of buying your house. Best of all, most automatic garage door openers are relatively inexpensive and can be installed without professional help. It’s an easy project to add value to your home.

5. Solar Panels

Making your home more energy efficient is a great way to cut your utility bills while simultaneously increasing your home’s value. Recently, the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded a study that found that adding solar panels to a property increased its value by three or four percent. Findings from the study also suggested that many homeowners fully recoup the cost of installation of solar panels upon the sale of the house.

Solar panels also make good sense because they decrease air pollution even as they decrease the load on overtaxed power plants. Furthermore, homeowners see a tremendous reduction in their monthly utility bills, which makes this addition one that’s good for the environment and for your bottom line. These guys have a great article explaining the solar panel cost vs benefits argument.

For homeowners, improving the space they call home is as natural as the sun rising in the east. Choose one or all of these home improvement projects to invest in your home’s value, increase its liability and improve your neighbourhood’s environment.

Damian Regnault, the owner of Perth Garage Door Company, automatic garage door motor installation and repair in Perth, Western Australia.

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