4 Annual Check-Ups Everyone Should Schedule

4 Annual Check-Ups Everyone Should ScheduleWhen you’re feeling relatively healthy, it’s easy to let annual health care visits fall to the bottom of your list. Too many people wait until something is wrong to see a doctor when a preventative visit would have caught the problem much sooner. Here are four important examinations you may need to schedule this year.

A Physical Exam

Physicals are increasingly important as you age. An annual physical is essential after the age of 50. Prior to this, you can get away with a physical every two to three years depending on your current health. At this visit, your doctor will recommend the most important tests and health screenings. These may include:

  • A blood pressure check
  • Blood and urine tests
  • An EKG for heart function
  • Colon and rectal exam
  • PSA test and testosterone screening (for men)
  • Cervical smear and breast screening (for women)

A physical is one of the most important annual exams to have. Your general care practitioner will often catch budding issues that may need the care of a specialist such as an eye doctor or dentist. This exam will also alert you to general health problems or personal risk factors that you need to discuss before they get worse and lead to serious medical conditions.

A Dental Check Up

The recommended interval for dental visits is shorter than any other type of check up. According to the American Dental Association, you should see your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and examination. At this visit your dentist will check your teeth visually and may take an x-ray. Your standard cleaning will get rid of plaque build-up and stains. Addressing concerns such as cavities as early as possible helps to prevent more serious dental problems down the road. If you’re concerned about the appearance or whiteness of your teeth, a Cosmetic Dentist can help.

An Eye Exam

Patients with good vision should see an eye doctor at least once every three years. However, many people need to see an ophthalmologist more often. If you use glasses or contacts, you need to have an eye exam once a year to keep your prescription up to date. Patients who experience eye itching and pain or have wavy lines, spots, or distortion in their line of vision should see an eye doctor as soon as possible, and may need regular yearly examinations to manage these issues.

A Hearing Test

In school you probably had your hearing checked regularly. This is an annual requirement for many school systems. As an adult, you may have started to neglect this practice. If you work in a loud environment where you’re subjected to a lot of noise every day, you should schedule annual hearing tests. If you notice any change in your hearing or find others telling you that you’re missing things, it’s time to schedule an exam no matter what your work or home environment is like.

Staying on top of your health now will prevent many problems down the road. Get to know your health care providers with regular annual visits for wellness.

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