Top Tech Scenarios That Make Us Stress Out

Top Tech Scenarios That Make Us Stress OutIn a modern world like ours where most of us are becoming highly reliant with technology, it is always possible to experience some stressful conditions involving its use that could certainly stress us out. It can be a good thing to have technology around to help us out but sometimes it could lead us to experience some disastrous scenarios that could leaves us off guard.

Using the rice cooker

Everyone is getting ready for dinner and you are so excited about cooking some sweet ham with a great dessert to follow. Now, when everything is ready you excitedly bring the plate to scoop some rice from the rice cooker only to find out your rice isn’t cooked yet. The electrical cord is plugged alright but you forgot to click the “on” button to get the machine to start cooking. Now, dinner is late for another 20 minutes and everyone is hungry! You ended up serving your baked potato on the dinner table instead while feeling guilty after seeing the hungry look of your kids and husband who are sitting at the dinner table.

Scanning the Bar Code with Your Mobile App

You seem pretty confident of using the bar code reader of your mobile application to scan an unpriced book from a bookstore. You are now ready to pay from the cashier only to find out that your money is short of 100 bucks because your mobile bar code reader was defective in giving the correct price. Now you realize that it is still reliable to ask the sales person around than depend on technology.

Submitting online forms

Sure, you can always fill in as many online forms as you can while using the auto fill feature of your web browser. It is faster and more convenient. But it’s not fun anymore when you are filling up a long online form for a long time when you suddenly click on a key (you don’t even know what key was that) and you lose everything and the page refreshed to a new one, letting you lose all your long minutes of hard work in seconds. Now, that’s a bummer.

Where is my charger?

Mobile devices are no use when you don’t have a charger to re-charge it with. After you almost ransacked your room to look for it, finally after everything being tossed around, you find it only to realize that one of its electrical string is cut down and doesn’t work anymore. Well, at least you can re-arrange your room back in shape even when you don’t really intend to do some clean up yet.

3G connection bummer

You have been cramming of working on a document on your mobile device to beat off your deadline and to keep your boss off your neck who keeps on sending text reminders every minute or so and miss calls your phone too while you are stuck on the traffic on your way to the office. Finally you hit the period key on your mobile keypad and voila you are done! Your document is ready for sending but you can’t activate your 3G connection. Where is that smile on your face now?

Losing your phone data

Yes! You are excited to download the latest and more advanced OS upgrade on your mobile device. Out of your excitement, you installed the program update excitedly only to realize that you forgot to back up your phone data and you lose them in exchange of the upgrade that you now have on your phone. Now, you wonder does the latest OS on your phone has the capability of restoring them back without its backup?

Losing your laptop

You have worked for months to finish that research paper. Now, you are ready to print them for the final draft. The problem is, your laptop was stolen while on a coffee shop and all your files are gone! The idea of writing a manuscript instead to keep a record of your research work now seems more appealing.

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  1. Hi Irina, Great list! I have another one: checking out of an online shopping site when you have a coupon code. Chances are pretty high that the coupon code won’t work. Now what? Do you a) buy it anyway and suck up the price difference, b) buy it anyway and write the company hoping for a refund but knowing full well that they will tell you that you didn’t read the fine print and the coupon only applied to products beginning with the letter Z and ending with the letter Q, purchased on Thursdays with odd numbered dates or 3) start over from scratch on a new browser?

    Or maybe it’s just me….

    • Irina Carter says:

      Thanks, Carolyn! Actually I can list more tech stuff that making us really annoying and crazy. Yes but I agree all the stuff with shopping online, in particular coupon codes, is darn provocative. I hate it too. But I really appreciate your contribution to the article!

  2. I find that laptop frustrations are the work, seeing how most of my income is reliant on the use of it as well as the internet. I would have never thought of the rice cooker.

    • Irina Carter says:

      yes right. All my work is directly connected with laptop and internet. I don’t know what I will do if some of this stuff losts for a long time… :) I hope I can avoid it and will never lose my laptop! :)

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