Top 20 Handpicked Creative Things You Can Really Get

Top 20 Handpicked Creative Things You Can Really GetIf you are looking for something unique, creative and even well quite outrageous, there are many products and items that are available in the market that you can buy and make part of your collection. The following are items that will certainly make you feel awed and inspired because of their originality, uniqueness and creativity.

Make your friends jealous by getting yourself one of these 20 handpicked creative things that you can really own.

1.      The Avengers USB Sticks

If you are a fanatic of the Avenger movie, you will find these Avenger USB sticks to be unique and a great collection. The USB products are available in different Avenger characters from Thor, Captain America, Marvel Thor Hammer, Hulk, Iron Man and Iron Man mask. These 8 GB super hero USB sticks will certainly make a good collection to make.

2.      Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Don’t be deceived by the way how it looks. It is more than just a coffee cup! It is a power line power cup that comes in 200/400 watt inverter and it comes with a USB power port.

3.      Green LED light Faucet Valve

This can certainly catch your attention as a night light and would make a great gift to landscapers, handyman and a contractor. Turning the faucet valve will cause the dripping water design to light up.

4.      Dropp Fruit Bowl

This bowl is an attention getter with its unique design that looks like a drop of paint that is frozen while it breaks into a colorful spray. A must-have to bring a creative way of adding a festive mood on your dining table.

5.      Time Warp Shelf Clock

This is a great piece of collection for an art lover. You can display the Time Warp Shelf Clock without the need of hanging it on your wall. Just place the item on your shelf or a mantle and you can enjoy its melting design feature that captivates the one looking at it.

6.      RSVP Duck Tea Infuser

For the tea aficionado, this item is a great collection to own. The floating duck tea infuser is captivating because of its fun design but most of all because of its feature. Just fill up with tea leaves the mesh infuser in the duck. The duck will float once the tea leaves become saturated and you are ready to drink your tea.

7.      Cordies Desktop Cable Management

This item offers a creative way of keeping your cables and cords organized. It keeps them weighted down in order that they won’t fall once they are disconnected from the plug.

8.      Mr. P Tape Dispenser

Enjoy using this piece of item as a tape dispenser and watch Mr. P doing a Pilate style sit up while keeping hold of a roll of tape.

9.      Illuminating Charger

Traditional chargers usually do not light up but not this one! Dexim’s visible green smart charger is supported by the electroluminescent technology that makes the flow of the electrical current transparent and visible on the cable.

10.  iPhone Keyboard Dock

You may want to own this unique QWERTY keyboard where you can input texts using its keys to the iPhone device. Once the iPhone is docked on the keyboard, you can enter commands into the computer using the iPhone.

11.  Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse

This piece of item is a guaranteed perfect gift or a collection item to a computer buff. It works as a functional USB mouse to use on your computer or laptop. It comes with a retro flare design that makes it unique.

12.  Double walled glass mug

You can use this either as a wine glass or a beer glass. Either way, you have something unique to boast to your guests with its special double walled design that makes it a great collection for display on your wine bar.

13.  Solar power boombox

Enjoy endless music outdoor using this solar powered Boombox. It comes with a portable Bluetooth sound system powered by a solar panel that allows you to enjoy your favorite music while outdoor without needing a battery or electric plug.

14.  Safe Timer Kitchen

This is a unique magnetic timer to use in your kitchen. The timer looks like a safe lock, giving it a unique appearance. The timer can last for 60 minutes and you can turn the safe lock to dial the timer in order to set the time.

15.  Toilet water bowl

This piece of item looks funny especially when you have a water bowl in a toilet design that can hold up to 2 liters of water to keep your puppy hydrated.

16.  Log pillow

Sleep like a log using this bolster pillow that is designed with a three dimensional print of a log. It is lightweight making it a perfect pillow to take with you as you travel.

17.  iPhone Fan

Keep your iPhone cool with this iPhone fan item. It is made from a soft wing that rotates air, keeping the iPhone cool especially on a hot weather.

18.  Android Robot USB Charger

If you own an Android phone, this Android robot USB charger is a must-have. The Android robot plug looks cute and while it is unplugged, you can display it on your desk.

19.  Cassette Tape iPhone Case

Give your iPhone a retro style by keeping it housed on this cassette tape case. The case can provide some protection to your iPhone against scratch.

20.  Apple Notebook creative make-up mirror

Deceive your friends with this uniquely designed mirror. No one would guess it’s a make up mirror you are holding because it looks exactly like the Macbook Air!

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  2. Salah Fadhul says:

    Need Photo and YouTube.. Thanks

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