The Face of Faith – An Unconventional Truth

The Face of Faith - An Unconventional TruthFind the face of faith and you’ll see the eye of “I”. Faith holds many learnings. While the world is unlearning about the way It has, unsuccessfully, tried to control life, it simultaneously and slowly awakens to a path that simply lets it to explore it to enjoy it. Faith may have one common meaning in the dictionary but it has multiple experiences attached to it through which humanity unveils the best of its lost memory.

When observed a little deeper, everything that isn’t about control is about faith. Control may give a sense of safety, security and comfort but it is pretty much all that it will deliver. Happiness won’t be part of the package, nor passion, nor growth, nor Truth.

Faith have been misunderstood as well as mislabeled. More than a simple inactive moment that calls for God, it is the perfect space that experience the super-trust in Life itself and consequently in the highest form of self. This post is now offering another way to shift perspectives from getting stuck in your life to moving beyond where this life lies through different experiences of Faith that we encounter everyday.

{Divine Timing}

Faith is trusting that the time/space moment is never a coincidence but a true art of universal planning. It is yielding the need to use the human linearity timeline to a greater universal sense of alignment that occurs when all the pieces of the puzzle are set in the most meaningful way not for one being alone for the whole. Each of us is an incidence waiting to cross, collide or melt in another to create co-incidences that reveal a design greater than ourselves.

{Sense of Knowingness}

Faith wears a sense of knowingness about perfection. Beyond what the mind can explain, recognize, identify, comprehend or understand, there is something that the human being knows and that requires no explanation, no intellectual logic and no questioning. This knowingness is alive within all of us and manifest itself as a sense of silent inner-call or wordless “pay-attention-to-me” moment. Faith, in this moment, is the ultimate lesson of listening, trusting and calming the mind through blindfully attaching one’s reality to that very sense.

{Experience of Surrender}

There is life where the flow is always uninterrupted and there is the no-life- one where life isn’t. When we get stuck into a dead-end, we are simply ask to find a way back into the flow of life. Surrender is an experience of Faith that demands a tremendous amount of letting go of what doesn’t work so that we can reconnect to what does. The trick is that most of the time, there is no sign to show the way out because the only way out is within. To surrender what the mind holds onto so tight and choose what the heart knows so well is to detach from what we understand and reattach to what we are ignorant about. This reveal one’s ability to embrace life for what it is and not how it is perceived.


The face of Faith that experiences curiosity is one that we called courage. It comes as a door onto the unknown that may not be brought out of despair but simply from a subconsciousness will to discover more of Life than life is ready to unveil at the moment. To dare opening a door is to let one be vulnerable and in a world that despises vulnerability and points a finger at weakness, it becomes a test of faith to dare taking a risk and welcome the unknown as a divine gate.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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