The Art & Soul of Heart Warming Cooking

The Art & Soul of Heart Warming CookingThere is no doubt that cooking is an art. While most of us can recognize this artistry in the trendy nouvelle cuisine or in the modern gastronomy, there is also, a lost art in the good old grand-ma cooking that keeps reminding us of memories that soothed our childhood and keeps warming our heart. Not fancy in the presentation – although it can – and not pretentious in its calorific lightness or weight-loss purpose, the heart-warming recipes like sausage casserole have a secret that no other cooking owns. It brings an immediate retro feel that connects us to our tradition and our very sense of family life.

Heart-warming cooking takes us all into mom’s favorite dinners, favorite recipes and family gatherings. It easily lets our senses journey back in time where we life seemed more possible and days less pressured. Here are 3 insights about heart-warming recipes that will help you build your meal with your heart and soul.

Easy while elaborated

The easiness of the heart-warming recipe is legendary and yet the flavors released bring a subtle mix of amazing flavors that cannot always be identified and yet work beautiful together. Take a sausage casserole or a classic beef stew,  there is no specific talent to cook it and yet when they comes together after perfectly stewing or baking in the mix of their simple ingredients, these dishes offer the most cozy and endorphin-like feeling. Simplicity and elaboration can work together when the nature of one ingredient collaborates with the nature of another and when united, they present their greatest version.

Make it yours

A heart warming recipe is first and foremost a dish that makes your own heart warm and feel like it has melt into your favorite ocean of comfort. One great tip that I share is that cooking is first a way to be you. So, be daring in your own way and while you can follow someone’ else’s recipe – your mom, a great chef, a friend – spice it up with your own YouVibe. Choose the ingredients that make you at peace with yourself. Those that unleash a flavor that makes you easily dive into a sea of relaxing waves. There is no shortage of possibilities or ease as the secret is to combine and let it cook softly.

The liquid way

One of the most basic heart-warming dishes are simple vegetable soup, potage, bisque and others. These healthy, hearty and comfort food are simply perfect for a heart warming moment intervention. Nothing greater than the feeling of a liquid food that gives you the most nutrients while lightening your digestive system. It feeds the soul with a soothing experience of baby-like memory and nurture the body to its core with a multiple flavors and taste that can be transformed indefinitely with little add-ons such as herbs and spices.

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