Samsung Galaxy S4 Features: A Short Review

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4’s release is imminent and a lot of fans are excited for this new phone. It has a powerful 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip with 2GB of RAM and a 5-inch Super AMOLED display.

But what really excites fans more than the specs and the gorgeous display is the features that Samsung included on this device. To say that it is packed would be an understatement. It seems like Samsung has thrown everything but the bus inside their new flagship smartphone.

As a result, we have the most unique features ever in one phone.

S Translator

Samsung introduces its own translator app that allows users to speak in one language and the phone will translate it to another. As of now, the languages supported include French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese. The translator tool is also embedded on email and chat, making the device a very good business phone choice especially if you are dealing with the international community.

S Health

For health buffs out there, this could be an intriguing feature. The S Health is a health tracking app that uses the specialized sensors of the Galaxy S4. Like some of Fitbit’s devices, this app acts like a pedometer that tracks the number of steps you take. It takes it a bit further, however. Through its sensors, it is also able to measure room temperature and humidity. It can also work with third party devices like blood pressure monitors and glucose meters through Bluetooth. This gives users a good idea about their overall health. Samsung also plans to launch its pedometer S Band, which would certainly work with this feature.

Group Play

Group Play is a feature that allows you to share files through Bluetooth or NFC. It can share photos, videos, documents, and music, which is great for collaboration purposes. But what can really impress more fans is that it allows multiple devices to play the same music simultaneously. Just imagine it. A room full of people playing the same song at the same time. You get instant surround sound.

Smart Scrolling/Pause

The first feature Samsung introduced in the Galaxy S4 is the Smart Scroll Utility. This allows users to scroll up or down by simply tilting their phone. The second one is what they call Air Gesture. This feature also allows you to scroll the content but instead of tilting, you just hover you hand over the screen without touching it. The last one that Samsung also demoed in the Galaxy S4 is the eye tracking feature called Smart Pause. This feature automatically pauses videos once it detects that your eyes are no longer glued to the screen. It then automatically resumes play once it deems that your eyes are tuned back to the screen.

Cool camera tricks

Samsung upgraded the Galaxy S4’s camera to 13 MP. But aside from higher megapixels, it’s the cool things that you can do with it that might get you to buy this. First is Cinemagraph. This allows you to take photos with about 9 seconds of audio. Second is the photo book feature, which gives users smart categorization options so that it is easier to group pictures and create an instant photo book. Third, Samsung also demoed their dual-shot feature. This allows users to take pictures of their selves through the front camera while taking a picture of what’s in front of the rear camera. The image from the front camera can then be layered in front of the image taken from the rear camera.

It’s  a powerful phone loaded with features. It may not blow you away, but the Galaxy S4 is definitely at the top of its class.

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