Facebook Experience unveiled a New ‘Home’ UI on Android

Facebook Experience unveiled a New 'Home' UI on AndroidAfter the rumors in the past that Facebook will launch its own cell phone, the creator of the Facebook giant Mark Zuckerberg finally puts an end to all the speculations. At a news event, the social media Chief Executive Officer demonstrated its latest software adaptation that is especially created for Android, the Facebook Home.

Mark Zuckerberg clarified that they are not launching their own Facebook cellular device nor are they developing their own operating system. Rather they created a unique user interface on Android phones using the Google mobile platform that will provide a unique social media experience among social media users.

The first Facebook Home on Android

Perhaps the closest we can get from having a Facebook cellular device is getting the first Facebook Home optimized HTC First unit which will be the first handset device that will carry the much talk about new user interface of Facebook on Android. The mobile device was demonstrated by the HTC CEO Peter Chou, showing the latest interface adaptation that is added on Android software that is currently used in various Android Smartphones. The HTC First will be under the exclusive carrier of the AT&T LTE network at $99.99 subscription and will be available in April 2013.

Meet the Facebook Home on Android

The Facebook Home found in the mobile phone’s lock screen and home screen will change the user’s social media experience with Facebook. It brings a significant change to the look of the phone as it brings a better Facebook application integration to the handset. The user will find more convenience in seeing updates from Facebook and will make it easier for them to post something on their Facebook profiles. The Facebook Home appears even on the lock screen so that the mobile user will no longer need to unlock the device in order to see the updates. Unlike the other applications that you need to log in to your social media account, this new user interface allows you to “like” posts of your friends directly from your home screen. Surely, the Facebook Home will bring an added unique feature from a mobile home screen.

A unique social media experience on Android phones

Facebook Home Android Phones

According to Zuckerberg, they aim to make the Facebook Home the soul of any Android device. Anytime in April, this new application will be made available for download on other Android devices that are supported by the latest Jelly Bean operating system. They intend to make regular updates every month for the application. During the demonstration on using the Facebook Home, Facebook Director on products, Adam Mosseri remarked that this new user interface is designed to shift the attention away from the application itself and to focus more on your Facebook friends update and interaction.

Facebook Home features        

One of the features that comes with this new user interface on Android device is the Cover Feed. From its icon you can press to hold your profile picture and there you will see some shortcuts for easy use of your Facebook apps and messenger. Moreover, you can also easily find the News Feed from the background and you get an instant updates on your friends’ status, new posts and even Instagram updates. The Cover Feed provides an interactive interface where you can swipe across from one profile to another, “like” posts or post a comment on your friends’ updates. In general, the Cover Feed becomes your phone’s screen saver that allows you an instant access to your Facebook account directly from your mobile home and lock screens.

Another feature worth noting from the Facebook Home user interface is the Chat Heads. This is a messaging application that allows the users to send SMS text messages as well as messages on Facebook. When any of your friends sends you a message, their profile picture will appear on your home screen with a small icon. You can instantly open their message by tapping on the icon. There is no need for you to quit on an application that you are currently using to be able to retrieve Facebook messages. With the Chat Heads integration on your home screen, you can smoothly switch from one application to another and retrieve messages with ease. You can even engage in multiple conversations with friends too. The beauty of this new feature is that you don’t need to close the web page or application that you are using in order to interact with your Facebook friend messages.

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