6 Media Focus that Reveal Humanity’s Cultural need for Healing

6 Media Focus that Reveal Humanity's Cultural need for HealingMedia is a sensational vampire that flies out to find the best sometimes and the worst most of the time of the worldwide news scene. It exposes it to our awareness and becomes a way to become aware of what we are. While many have chosen to ignore it not to get sucked into the endless drama that it carries, many rely on it to relate to their environment.

Because everything is made by design, consciously or subconsciously, there is a purpose for media that is greater than just related the perceptive reality. This purpose is actually to help us witness, observe and eventually contemplate our own state of being-ness and learn where healing is most needed. When the human being will realized that what he/she experiences is but a holographic representation of its own state of being, it will begin to do the work that is needed, where it is needed.

Although many news are being brought every day in different matters and different platforms, the 6 following focus seem to have taken the forefront of the daily scene, demonstrating a sense of urgency in term of healing. The collective consciousness is shifting into something greater than it has ever been experienced and only through healing can this shift happen smoothly. Everyone must, now realize what part of himself or herself requires forgiveness, kindness, compassion and respect so that we, as one race, can thrive as one love.

1- Bullying – Healing our relationship with our inner-child

Children of all ages are being confronted with what has become a norm in our education system: Bullying. What bullying is revealing beyond the facts that the media reports of victimhood consciousness is a clear evidence of the nature of our relationship with our own inner-child. We suppress our inner-child, oppress our emotional self, burden our playful nature, limit our dreams, box our vision and asphyxiate our genius We are doing all of that in the name of a so-called good of society which values do no longer support our awakening. We expect our children to learn respect, trust, friendship and social interconnectedness when what we display is a continuous emotional abuse within our own self and a restless sense of self-judgment and unworthiness. We have come to believe that we were insignificant and our children, beautiful and precious mirrors of our inner-condition, experience it. Bullying will not vanish from learning more about bullying but from living with our own self and other in acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.

2 – Women disrespect – Healing our nurturing potential

The female energy is receptive, nurturing and holistic. Every single news that share female abuse and oppression is depicting the truth of a lack of compassion for our own nature. Humanity has lost its way to care for itself and everything else. It has forgotten that the very force that gave it life is unconditional love. It has detached from its loving aspect because of the tremendous power it encloses. Women hold the sacred truth of creation and growth. A truth so essential to life that those empowered with it knows the responsibility it holds. Every time that males “attacked” a female, they are revealing the lack of connection to the nurturing nature of Life. Humanity has lost its way and until it agrees to live every single day in the joy of nurturing its truth, it will keep trying to shut down the symbol of power that women display.

3 – Texting and driving – Healing our Truth Experience

Although very basic in the matter, texting and driving reflects the inner-disease of humanity’s lack of focusing in the moment where life truly exists as a miracle. Journeying while speaking is like driving and texting. We have become so distracted by what does not matter that we die letting others realizing what does matter. We are reminded that life passes in moments and that those moments are so precious that our focus must be a wholehearted investment of our truth in the awareness of what matters most.

4 – Terrorism – Healing our Self-Love

Terrorism reflects the usability for the human being to relate to each other in love. It reveals that fear is so far a greater winner in the way we relate to what is unknown, misunderstood or hidden. What feeds fear is the lack of faith and lack of self-respect. Interestingly enough, terrorism is a physical demonstration of that fear-feeding and humane-disconnection sense of being. How many of us can easily walks towards a complete stranger and smile, spark a dialogue or give a compliment? As long as the “other” will be the face of our own darkness, we will not be able to relate to him or her enough and fear will forever be guiding our choices.

5 – Political Corruption – Healing our Sense of Power

Political corruption reflects the need to heal our source of power. We have two (or more) opposite sides fighting for power: Mind and Soul, being and doing, past and future. Once we will be realizing that both are but two aspects of the whole and that only by uniting both can we truly dance, presence and the Now moment. Corruption is the mirror of pure ignorance about the nature of our process and the lack of true strength to actually reveal it. Corruption comes from the unwillingness to create bridges between two perceptions that, instead of being contrary or opposite, are simply complementary and invited to compromise. Those who need power, simply do not feel it inside and those are the dangerous ones because until they rediscover their power within, they will feel like dying and will attempt everything to steal it.

6 – Economical Struggle – Healing our Human Potential Expression

The worldwide economical struggle reveals humanity’s lack of understanding how to manage its own energy and sense of being-ness. It wastes a tremendous amount of power into what serves it not and does not allow itself to invest it what matters most. Money is the symbol of energy and there is enough energy for everyone who learns how to plug in the universal recipient. Those who vision limits their potential can only experience struggles and lack. We are asked to expand our boundaries and move beyond our limited understanding of our inner and outer-environment so that we redirect our energy towards what will ensure not only the survival of our race but more so the thriving of each of its individuals.

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