5 Tips to get your Customers Engaged in Online Conversations with your Brands

5 Tips to get your Customers Engaged in Online Conversations with your BrandsThey say that no publicity is bad publicity. Getting people talking about your brand is the best way of marketing your products. By engaging them in online conversations you will get the buzz happening around your brand and get them ‘out there’ and known within the online world. Many brands have discovered that utilising social networking sites is an awesome way of getting people talking about you. Here are 5 tips to getting customers engaged in online conversations with your brands.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are a great marketing tool for your business. When people are on social networking sites they are relaxed and find themselves discussing everything from what they did on the weekend to what their favourite brand of nail polish is. Heaps of different brands are finding that through social networking channels they are getting well known in the online community and you’ll find all sorts of brands from Nike to Vistaprint on Twitter, engaging with their customers in ways that they couldn’t have with regular advertising channels.


Blog articles are an awesome way to get people talking about your brand in the online world. Starting a blog about the product that you are trying to sell will attract people who are interested in learning more about your product. Because blog articles have a comment section underneath them, this allows people to really engage with what is being presented and before you know it they will be talking about your product.

Combine Your Marketing Channels

By utilising a number of different online marketing avenues you can create links from blogs, to social networking sites and online advertising to gain maximum saturation of your brand. The more people see your brand, and products, the more they will be talking about it, and the better it is for your business. Don’t just think in terms of using one online marketing channel, use them all to get maximum efficiency and to really get people engaged with your brand.

Link In

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page can bring heaps of business your way and get more people talking about your products and bring your brand to the forefront of people’s awareness. You can grow your companies following by linking in with other businesses that are selling the same product and get more people talking about your brand across the internet. Get your employees to join LinkedIn too and spread the word even further through their networks.


The online world is all about community. To best engage people with your brand and get them talking about you, is to grow a community around your product. People love to belong to communities online and by creating a community for them to be a part of you will foster relationships which will include your brand and products. They will want to talk about, in the same way that people like to chat when they are in coffee shops.

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