4 Underlying Attitudes of the Master Entrepreneur

 4 Underlying Attitudes of the Master EntrepreneurThe 21st century has paved the way for uniqueness. As a result, people with passion and vision were given a platform to express their genius and experience their potential. Entrepreneurship has become a trend not by default because of a lack of jobs but more so by design because of an renewed sense of attitude calling for true happiness. Some may have labeled this attitude rebellious, selfish, childish and even dangerous for the society and yet beyond all resistance from those fearing change, this attitude has sparked the best within many individuals, giving birth to an endless innovation in motion.

The master entrepreneur isn’t only one who carries his/her vision into reality. The master entrepreneur is one  who lives his/ her life according to this vision independently from anyone’s approval and yet respectfully with everyone’s life.  The master entrepreneur knows the foundation of the master-attitude that endlessly sources its power. This foundation is made of 4 sub-attitudes, each empowering an essential aspect of success: determination, purpose, meaning and flexibility.


The master entrepreneur isn’t a coat worn for occasions to impress nor circumstances through which others recognize you. The master- entrepreneur is a way of life and therefore an attitude. Anyone who wishes to experience entrepreneurship must become an entrepreneur in his/ her heart, mind and soul. . The extraordinari-ness distinguished in the entrepreneur, is the capacity to live the ordinary with an extra. The purpose of entrepreneurship isn’t to build a successful business, it is to reveal YOU as the masterpiece of a master design.  Your attitude begins when you awaken your mind to a world of all possibility and you guide your choices accordingly. Every single decision that is made on a daily basis, whether it is about your business, your food, your health, your friendships, your family or else, must be an expression of the YOU that you dream to be. Your dream lifestyle is your purpose knowing that you are at the very center of it.


The second sub-attitude unveils the consistency of the journey that reveals the vision. The meaning of your choices must align with your vision. To make each step meaningful is to be yourself at all time and therefore make choices in agreement with your truth. Honestly, integrity and relevancy to your truth must be the values your path shows. This comes with consequences. On one hand, it brings a responsibility to live truthfully ; this means to accept being  different, being misunderstood and being alone. (Or surrounded by only few).

In the other hand,  the reward is a deep sense of authority and connection. The master entrepreneur embraces both without distinction as he/she knows that the source and value of a rooted sense of happiness lies in what one gains as much as what one has to let go of.


One of the most essential assets of the master entrepreneur lies in his/her sense of determination that fuels the everyday choices and therefore the everyday life. Never to give up, knowing when to surrender, feeling where to go, embracing challenges, enjoying the good, the less good and the amazing, keeping faith in the process, moving forward, daring beyond the seen, challenging the status quo are some of the experiences that determination offers. A determined attitude isn’t a stubborn one. Determination is connected  to self-respect while stubborness is linked to fear. Determination is the ability to live the moment of now while simultaneously existing in the greatest version of YOU that you can envision.


Life, for the master entrepreneur is a journey that keeps on moving like a river. Sourced in the highest mountain, it moves towards the vastest ocean. The water never ceases to move and what the master entrepreneur encounters, throughout its journey can only be known in the moment. While plans, visualizations and preparations may be ways to travel prepared, unexpected and unforeseen events are always parts of the voyage. Indeed, the surprising “Wow” or “Aha” moment, is where most of the extraordinari-ness exists. For this reason, the master entrepreneur values change, new and unexpected as parts of his/her best ways to travel. This doesn’t only empower him/her with a capacity to experience a low-stress lifestyle but more so it keeps him connected to his/her truth that constantly evolves as well.

The master entrepreneur is a master of the self. Mastering the self means not never failing, never falling,  nor never doubting. Mastering the self means living in the flow while knowing how to surf it with grace, trust and authority. It s claiming ownership of one’s life beyond understanding, finding the common thread that connects all that life is presenting and embracing it as the reflection of the inner-truth.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

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