3 Reasons why we should rely on Miracles

3 Reasons why we should rely on Miracles“Miracles are rare and divine acts”, says the collective consciousness. Miracles are said to be rare occurrences that represent extraordinary events, surpassing all known human or natural powers.  How ignorant for the human being to have categorized miracles and stored them into a box of limited probabilities.

How presumptuous for it to accord such great significance for his ‘knowing” when most of what he knows comes from a perceptual outlook based on very limited understanding about himself, his world and the universe in which he exists. What the collective consciousness has done to itself, is to detached itself from the very extraordinary creative power with which  it has always been invested: the likeness of God, the Divine, the Sacred, the Universe.

The human being creates miracles everyday. Indeed, It is a miracle itself. We have become so good at being extraordinary that breathing seems ordinary, walking appears as easy, thinking becomes unremarkable and living becomes boring. Time to time, one of us will remind us that the extraordinary exists in everything and it inspires us for a day and we get back into a space where we seek for something unknown to prove us that we are, indeed, guided by a greater force and loved by a greater Lover.

Miracles aren’t exceptional occurrences. They are the very evidence of who we are at the source and once we grant them a space to exist as ordinarily – as they deserve to be – humanity will begin to shift its reality into a world that not only believes in miracles but more fully creates them. Beyond the fact that everyone would love to experience miracles, there are 3 main reasons why it is most important for each and every one of us to open our mind and accept that miracles are not only available but more so at close reach.

Miracles are evidences of Self-Empowerment

When we begin to rely on miracles, we declare that our ordinary is filled with extras that await for us to give them a way. This way is paved through our choices and decisions. Miracles require power and only through self-empowerment can we see them emerging. The greater your reliance on miracles and the greater the potential to attract them. Your attitude must become a voice that calls miracles as a way to build your life. This calls for responsibility for your Truth, a mindful way to express your genius, a vision that fuels your passion and an uncompromising dedication to Life. You must elevate yourself to the sphere where life knows miracles as the way if you wish to become part of that way. Know yourself as a miracle, Empower yourself with extraordinariness, Experience Yourself in the Miracle.

Miracles are voices for Happiness

The space where miracles exist is the space where happiness is. It is the closest frequency to the inner-truth and therefore the bridge between higher self (soul) and lower self (physical experience). What is experienced is but the consequence of that is at the source minus what filters it. Everything that exists at the source is a miracle. The fact that the mind doesn’t label a particular sets of circumstances or an event as a miracle comes from the lack of recognition of what Is.

Whatever makes our sense of being feels happy, joyful, empowered and all of what lightens the moment is a miracle. It is the closest voice of happiness expressed in feelings. Take your mind on a backward journey and allow your moments of happiness to reconnect you with your miraculous at the source.

Miracles are Sparks of Genius made Visible

When what cannot be seen become visible, we experience magic. Each of us holds an artist that only thrives on passion. This powerful fuel is the channel through which the Universe expresses itself through our unique individual blueprint. When we believe in miracles, we offer a space for the genius to come alive and when we live from and through our passion, we give miracles a way to be visible. Anyone who shares his/her passion creates a dent in the universe – as Steve Jobs used to say – What is a dent in the universe? Something so extraordinary that it forever leaves a deep and rooted in the universal library and changes life the way we know it. Miracles are dreams dreamed and have been believed in so deeply that the human potential that has held onto them has made them appear.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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    Miracles happen every day.

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