3 Misunderstood Truths about Passion

3 Misunderstood Truths about PassionPassion holds such a powerful universal resonance; one of a wild energy that fuels the senses and unleashes a creative flow to which wisdom is the only worthy guardian.

No pressure but this is heavy to embrace! Passion has been burdened with a sense of uncontrollability, loss of common sense and feelings of overloaded euphoria that makes one’s mind take the risk to get lost. While those in fear of passion have tried to repressed and oppressed it by boxing our emotions and feelings in mind-full dogmas and principles, artists have kept living that truth for all of us to remind us that when we dive into the well of passion, we create beauty, magic, wonder that keeps inspiring our inner-muse and expand our visionary abilities.

To the very contrary to the old belief that portrays passion as an space to avoid, we must learn how to embrace it with purpose. This means reevaluating our perception about passion. Indeed, living with passion demands an incredible sense of discipline, clarity and ultimate purpose. Not only passion must not be feared but more so it must be embraced as it is the space that holds the spark of genius and that fuels the creative process that the divine potential has come to experience in form.

Here are 3 misunderstood truths about passion that can guide your thoughts into the reconfiguration of a new belief system with a renewed sense of possibility.

1 – Passion is power not danger

Passion is pure creative energy. Like any wild element, it seeks a sense of direction that will allow it to be purposeful and meaningful. The human element is one’s blueprint. It is the very uniqueness of each and every one of us. In order to give passion a sense of empowerment, we must first unveil our own strength and weakness, identify our fear, recognize our patterns and unleash our worthiness. All of these are revealed through an introspective journey into the self that let the mind dive into its own anatomy, physiology and mechanic. To know one self allows the energy spent to align with the empowered sense of existence, presence and living. When we find the passion to discover our own self, we fuel the passion to reveal it.

2 – Passion is a cause not a consequence

What we tend to believe is that a passion is the result of some kind of activities that create fun and that we wish to reproduce over and over again so that we experience ourselves in this passionate frequency. Interestingly enough, this is the very opposite. Passion is the cause and must remain as so. Passion fuels the moment and not the other way around. The moment is empty until we bring the passion energy. This passion comes into density through the creative process and what is experienced is the residual, in form, of this energy source. The human being must be passionate about his life independently of any sense of doing-ness. Passion is a state of being that is revealed through the unfolding process of doing, not only the final result. Those who are passionate within become passion embodied.

3 – Passion is an energy, not a recipient

Since passion is a state of being, it is subtle and without form until our vision creates an identified recipient in which it can be held. No one creates passion. We are invisible passion giving a way for it to be seen. We are the recipient and our experiences are extensions of that recipient. One person may have multiple expressions of passion. A passion cannot be limited to one particular activity. Since it is an expression of the self and because the self has no limitation for self-expression (but the one it inflicts to itself), passion may find many expressions in only one being. Yet at the root of all the passionate experiences of one being lies the main channel a passionate YOU.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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