Top Addictive Games that can Damage your Relationship

Top Addictive Games that can Damage your RelationshipThere are so many concerns and issues about getting addicted with online or video games – in fact, they have made a big impact on our personal lives. Most parents are concerned about their children’s devotion towards them – especially among boys. Some game addicts even don’t mind staying inside their room the whole dayfor as long as they are playing engulfed with these games. Playing physically with friends and bonding with siblings are already out of the picture.

Good friends have no time to go out together to play basketball or roam around the village with their bicycles – because they are hooked with playing games in front of the computer or digital entertainment platform. Communicating properly for married couple will also be impossible when the attention is divided or stolen by this vice.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of the games – it’s the excessive use that made this activity a bad habit. However, based on the gathered information, Android has created some addictive games that must be known – to give proper guidance and impose discipline to the young and adult players alike. This is a genuine effort to help avoid tragic relationships to be broken. Be aware of these addictive games:

1.      Angry Birds Space Premium

Almost everyone knows this. The game’s principle is easy but enticing. The player will just fire various birds with personalities at buildings to tear down those evil thieving pigs. The game will level up to hundred stages and several bird types while positioning according to the flow of the story. No doubt that this is a “must-play game” for avid game players at any season and definitely addictive.

2.      Rebuild

This is where a player will be enthusiastic to protect a small community of survivors against zombies. At the same time, the player should have the ability to secure his assets that will drive him to make terrible moral decisions that will entice you not to stop the progress of the game. On the positive side of it, the game somehow brings in your natural compassion for the welfare of others for as long as you can control your addiction on it.

3.      Word Weasel

This game will exercise your mind just like you’re playing Boggle at gun point. You can compete with other online gamers in obtaining the highest score. So, it’s highly addictive but extraordinarily worth-playing since you are playing with like-minded people in real-time with the comfort of your own dwelling.

4.      Night of the Living Dead

This game’s sound and action effects are like from the movie – very overpowering.  Players enjoy a film-like set up while playing with online friends. This normally results to game players’ forgetting the time while on their hot seat.  They can’t be off guard while keeping their hitsin the highest defence because being up there feels very rewarding. Your favourite movie can keep you still in front of the television – but this game can even prolong your stay while acting like you are part of the movie especially when you are leading!

5.      Flick Kick Football

It is one of best football games in the net ever. The player strategizes his moves by flicking on the ball net-ward and trying to score goal after goal. Players will have great fun while going through the game’s various modes and nice retro-soccer visuals. Flick Kick ball rated popular in the Google App Play store.

Video games have tragically changed the lifestyle of traditional families. Once you sit down and turn on your console or link into the net, other important matters will be set aside. Too much exposure to the online world and lack of discipline are the real-life damaging pursuits to be exact. We cannot just disregard theses culprits because these can also be interesting entertainment tools – but handling these fun activities in moderation so as not to lose sincere communication is crucial to save every wobbling relationship from total devastation.

Not unless, you want to be out of a certain relationship and is looking for something to be blamed for. Then, overly playing these addictive games can be the perfect diversity for you to ignore somebody and hopefully, he or she will get the message.

Stacy Carter
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  1. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    In my case, it is Super Sudoku and Temple run.
    Both highly addictive. :(

    • Iryna Osatpets says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Ambika! Temple run is bad for me :) As for Super Sudoku, I didn’t try even. But I will certainly do that :)

  2. Tony Smith says:

    Great post, but you forgot Words With Friends. That one gets me every time.

    • Iryna Ostapets says:

      Thanks, Tony, for adding more info. Actually there are many addictive games, I tried to include more addictive ones. But I agreee with you, Words with Friends is accepted too.

  3. Vivek Jain says:

    Wonderful post…definitely these Games can Damage your Relationship..
    A person becomes addictive can say highly addictive..
    Nice to see this post… :)

  4. Brian Tuttle says:

    Temple Run for me. Any of the Call of Duty games come to mind front and center. COD has pretty much taken over the life of my teenager and all of his classmates but we try to keep him involved in sports & other team activities as much as possible.

    • Iryna Ostapets says:

      Thanks for your comment, Brian!
      Call of Duty is extremely good at catering to people with short-term driven minds and low attention spans.
      You’ll notice that there’s no downtime in CoD. Action happens
      constantly, unlike a game like StarCraft 2 where you spend 2 or 3
      minutes essentially getting ready for the action.
      The game also has a very strong “carrot on a string” emphasis where that
      next gun or title or challenge is just a few kills away. It means that
      people don’t have to wait for their unlocks. People don’t have to look
      at the long term at CoD.
      That’s why it’s successful. It is designed to work for the kids who
      comprise the majority of the gaming market and all their short sighted,
      low attention span shortcomings.

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