The True Mobile Professional

The True Mobile ProfessionalFor any professional, creating a work-life balance can be quite the challenge. And if you’re living in a country that for years has been deemed as more overworked than most countries, achieving work-life balance is something that you really have to strive hard for.

With technology, however, comes some aids. The internet, for one, has made telecommuting possible. A working father can now come home in time for dinner since some company management personnel are more lenient knowing that work can be done anywhere, thanks to the internet.

On a general perspective, the internet has broken down the workplace barrier. Professionals are no longer confined to the four corners and walls of their office. Figuratively speaking, the world has become a professional’s playground. And this is the advantage of being a mobile professional.

What Exactly Is A Mobile Professional?

When defined, mobile means being able to move easily or freely. Professional, on the other hand, means a person engaged in a profession. So put the two nouns together and you’d have something that pertains to a person who’s able to work freely. While that may be a direct translation, it actually makes sense.

Mobility is the ease and freedom to go anywhere. You can therefore say that a mobile professional is one that’s armed with tools and devices that allow him to work anywhere. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are best examples. But there are more. There’s the ability to place calls and send fax online, thanks to VoIP technology. There’s the ability to manage time more efficiently and carry a digital map anywhere, thanks to apps made by numerous developers. There’s the aid to get to any location faster, thanks to GPS. Technology and the internet have really made being a mobile professional quite possible.

A Mobile Professional in the Truest Sense

While the term professional in the phrase mobile professional is a noun, you have to remember that the term has an adjective form as well. As a descriptive word, professional means exhibiting proper demeanour or being courteous and business-like. It’s quite easy to forget proper manners and etiquette when you’re a mobile professional given the always hectic schedule that you have. Exhibiting professionalism, however, is what would make you successful in today’s mobile world.

  • E-mail and SMS Etiquette. Answering or composing e-mails using your smartphone’s QWERTY keypad can make a “thumbsy-clumsy” person out of you. While that’s forgivable and honestly quite funny when sent to friends or family, e-mails and text messages with spelling and grammar errors are a no-no when it comes to business. Take the time to proofread or edit your message before sending. You may be in a hurry, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to send poorly written messages to partners and clients.


  • Phone Manners. Whenever placing anyone on hold, remember to ask the person’s permission first. Be courteous. Don’t just say “Hey, can you hold? Thanks!” without even waiting for an answer. Explain that there’s another call waiting, that you have to place him or her on hold for about a minute or two, and then ask if it’s okay. If you say a minute, be gone for just a minute and not five. Never let anyone wait too long. Respect others’ time. If the other call is more urgent, have the decency to get back to the person you placed on hold, apologize for the wait, thank him or her for waiting, and then do tell that you’d just call him or her back.

Being a mobile professional is more than just working anywhere. It’s exuding professionalism despite the hectic schedule of working in the mobile and digital era.

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  1. I enjoyed this post Nancy! Being on the go and working I’ve found stopping to edit correspondence an absolute must! Blaming Siri is just not an option in business!! :) Thank you for the reminder!

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