The Best Apps and Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

The Best Apps and Features of Samsung Galaxy S4There is no stopping Samsung from coming up with newer features and better applications in their Smartphone Galaxy S generation.

Now here comes the Galaxy S4 that is now getting the hype and attention among mobile users. According to feedbacks, this is one of the best Android phones in the market today.

Months of speculations have ended. The specs of the S4 are now unveiled and you are probably thrilled to know how it can be one of the best competitors of iPhone 5.

Here is the rundown of the best apps and features of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Best Features to Awe Mobile Users

{Build and External Designs}

From its original 4.8 inch screen display, the S4 upgraded to the 5 inch unadulterated AMOLED screen display that comes with 441 ppi full HD LCD. This will give its users a vibrant clarity in high definition and brightness for quality viewing. Now, you can enjoy watching videos and viewing photos and play your favorite mobile games with a high definition display. Not to mention getting a better view when reading texts from the web or documents on the go. The mobile device does not change its width but it is a lot thinner than its earlier predecessors. Compared to the Galaxy S3, the Samsung S4 is slimmer but quite a bit thicker than the iPhone 5.

The Smartphone is housed in plastic with a removable front and back panels. Although this might come as a disappointment to some, it is one of the best features that Samsung wants to maintain in their S generation Smartphones because the combination of plastic and polycarbonate materials make their product lightweight and compact that is still preferred by a majority of the mobile consumers.

{Camera with many features}

The S3 is endowed with a dual camera feature that allows you to take photos and videos simultaneously. You can take quality features using its rear camera that comes with 13 megapixel but its 2 megapixel from shooter camera can also capture quality photos, videos and best for chatting. It comes with 1080 video recording capabilities with an easy navigation interface with similar features as the Galaxy Camera on the market. You can play around with your photos in addition to its Beauty Shot feature and you can use its Erase feature that will allow you to remove images from the photo you shot. Samsung camera feature is intuitive as it detects motion when taking a shot and remove the moving image from the frame.

A great addition is the Story Album feature that lets you curate your photo and video contents to make your own album that can be personalized on your timeline. If you like to tweak your photos, you can always use the various filters to create your theme. Use the Drama Shot when you want to take photo shots successively and create your own story sequence.

{Software, Operating System and the Good Stuffs}

The S4 is powered by the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This empowers the Samsung GS4 with a Swiftkey feature. The Qualcomm Snapdragon on a 1.9 quad core processor makes the Galaxy S4 one of the fastest running Android Smartphone in the industry to date. It will run on 2GB RAM that will make the phone run faster even while multitasking. The storage capacity is on microSD from 16, 32 and 64 GB.

{New Enticing Apps}

One of the most appealing new features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Air View where you can hover over an application and you get a preview of your planner, email message, calendar, photo, or video. Another embedded feature is the Air Gesture where with just a wave of your hand you can simply control the mobile behavior without the need to hold it. Thus, scroll up a web page up and down or receive a call with just a swipe of your hand over the device. A great feature you can use while driving.

Samsung introduces a technology called Samsung Smart Pause which others misconstrued as giving the user an ability to control the phone using the eyes when in fact it only detects head movement through a sensor on the front camera that stops the LCD from dimming when the head is directly facing it. Another best application with the S4 is the Group Play that allows you to enjoy games and music with others even without a Wifi or 3G connection.

The S Translator is the new application in the S4 generations that supports nine languages initially and rumored to be getting an upgrade with more languages soon. Its Optical Reader can turn an information from the format of digital into analog and a business card into your contacts. The ChatOn feature is now available in VoIP app that supports a three-way screen share, video calls, and annotations. For the health buffs, the S Health Apps integrate some health-related gadgets that can monitor your blood glucose and other more health gadgets together with the ever famous pedometer that tracks down your physical activities.

What more can you ask for from these new features and applications in the Samsung Galaxy S4? No doubt that the iPhone 5 now has its greatest contender as the leading Smartphone in the mobile industry that will sweep the market with a bang.

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