The 5 Musical Keys of Social Media Genius

The 5 Musical Keys of Social Media GeniusSocial Media has redefined the way we exist, communicate, exchange, think, relate and consequently, build our world. When we consider the world as a great orchestra and ourselves as conductor of our own sets of instrument, then we become empower to know the music and play it the best we can. Social Media has its own music and each stream becomes an amazing instrument that shares its own vibes.

Those who have become great conductors aren’t necessarily those who have the most instruments in their orchestra but more so those who can always feel the most melodious and the most rhythmic piece at all times. This, in itself, is pure genius. Although some may naturally more gifted to actually grasp the tempo and feel the flow, others can be guided in tuning into the musical grid so that they can refine their way and play their best chords.

Here is a list of the 5 musical keys of Social Media Genius. Although there are many more, these reflect the greatest part of our inner-musical-artist.

1 – Listen to Harmony

Getting an account on Social Media is nothing more than an inner-need for the mind to reflect on itself and using the digital playground as a personal journal to display one’s thoughts. What is written is always more potent than what is spoken. When you wish to know who you have been within the past years, read your Social Media Stream and you will find yourself in the center of it.

The Social Media Genius knows that the space isn’t made for him/her to shine bright but more so it is a space for him/her to reflect the Truth that exists within. Harmony is born from that very realization and best used by sharing it with a humble ego and an empowered vision.

2 – Sing your own Song

Being a follower is the basic of the propagation of Social Media and while it matters also to find your peers and align with like-minded people to develop your community, it is as essential to sing your song and become your own voice without systematically fall into someone else’s footprints. Imagine if Mozart had to become jealous of Bach. How would he have become Mozart? Every individual is born with a unique seed of genius, and a voice to express it. It has never been easier, in the whole history of the world, as we know it, to share our view than with the power of Social Media. Own your voice and sing your song.

3 – Follow the Melody

The Social Media Stream has a rhythm and in this rhythm lives a melody that soothes your soul and shares its vision with others. When you find your own voice, you can share your message according to your vision and ultimately become a thought-leader not by number but by charisma. Your own harmony depends on your ability to speak your truth and demonstrates excellence in sharing it in deeds.

Words may have been enough at the beginning of the Social Media take off but as it is cruising high-speed, it requires more than words to become remarkable. It requires actions. Find your inner-harmony between your thoughts, your emotions and your deeds so that your sharing find the harmony it seeks to become inspiring for another.

4 – Inspire Composers

Social Media Geniuses have understood that the very core of Social Media lies in sharing moments. When moments hold Love, they become inspiring. Information that is shared matters when the intention with which they are shared is in the service of something greater than the self. When one information finds a way to the heart of another and spark enough passion within to inspire a thoughts, an emotions or a deeds then this information will have become the sparkle of a creative moment.

We are one amazing system composed of individual lights meant to co-exist and co-operate to reveal a design greater than ourselves. Our work is to find ways to make that design more potent to more and more beings.

5 – Remain an Artist

The Social Media pitfall exists. As every great creation must have its counter dark side. While the beauty about Social Media lies in the realization about interconnectedness, it can also become a trap where those in search of power can use it as a pure marketing tool and where the original message gets lost in the maze of ordinary matters. The energy of Social Media was meant to offer platform to those whose voice may not have aways find a way to be expressed.

Whether your voice is heard by one or many matters less than the fact that your voice becomes alive in your own awareness. The true artist minds not to be understood, he/she lives to express his/her vision through his/her way. Remain an artist at all times and refrain from following into arguments to be right or mindless auto-settings to be seen.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Karen Jolly says:

    Great post Aline! You gave me a whole new way of seeing Social Media this morning -a musical symphony! I loved “Inspire Composers” – the best part are those shared moments where your heart is touched by someone. Thank you!

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Hello Karen! Your chord vibrates the same as mine! “Inspire composers” is what you do and I thank you for that! Wishing you the most beautiful day! :-)