Peace Initiatives : Ordinary People Becoming Extraordinary Leaders

Peace Initiatives : Ordinary People Becoming Extraordinary LeadersHumanity has entered in a phase of its evolution that demands it to take real actions towards peace. Peace has remained such an abstract concept because people talked about it, wrote it, debated on it while failing at implementing real actions to reveal it. To be seen, peace requires ordinary people with extraordinary visions doing what they love most, together. Unity is the foundation of peace, passion, its fuel and faith, its sealer. When a few good souls realize the strength of their own potential and unite them as one, they have the power to inspire the world.

Those men and women empowered with their faith challenge the established dogmas and build ways where walls were only seen. Those people are leaders of today that inspire generations of leaders to come. They are not extraordinary because of their financial wealth, their political influence or their educational degrees. They are exceptional because of their inner-strength, their sense of togetherness and their passion for peace, itself. They are the architects for a peace made from love not war. They are the builders of unity made from human brotherhood and sisterhood. They are the designers of a greater world.

{Swat Snow and Summer Festival in Pakistan}

Pakistan has been on the forefront of the international news for years. While “war on terror” seemed to have been the western media’s favorite definition for Pakistan, peaceful Pakistani people, who live there and believe in the greatness of their country, challenge the worldwide perception and are changing the way the world perceives them from within. Their passion for peace is put into action and this Swat Snow Festival initiative reflects peace leaders more than media fearful perception may portray.

Through corporate social sense of responsibility and community values, the Swat Snow Festival and Swat Summer Festival wish to promote tourism in the Swat area. Extreme activities such as skiing competition, paragliding, snow mobile rides, musical concerts and more are organized in Malam Jabba Ski Resort about 314 km from Islamabad. One week of extreme sport where fun, passion and cultures are being shared in a peaceful atmosphere and a cooperative matters.

For all the fans, amateurs and extreme sport lovers & anyone seeking to support the cause, the vision and the teams, here is the best contact information event coordinator at Eastman Communication Islamabad Pakistan

{Music 4 Peace Tour}

The Music 4 Peace Tour is a coalition of organizations and non-profits who have banded together to help bring “peace and harmony” to our world. Through the universal language of music and their respective and collective visions and purposes, the Music 4 Peace Tour make a difference in todays violent world. This visionary and passionate peaceful leaders wish to transform the violent history and create a platform for youth to know that non-violence is something functional and non just a fun dream. For more information of Music 4 Peace Tour Initiative, please visit : Music 4 Peace

{Messenger of Peace – World Scout Committee}

Messengers of Peace is a World Scout Committee initiative designed to promote and recognize service projects that contribute to world peace. The goal of Messengers of Peace is to inspire millions of young men and women throughout the world to work closer toward achieving peace. Using state-of-the-art social media, the initiative lets Scouts from around the world share what they’ve done and inspire fellow Scouts to undertake similar efforts in their own communities. The result will be a mosaic of stories, data, and results showing the impact of the Scout movement—a tool for recruiting members, assuring parents, inspiring donors, and making existing members proud to be Scouts. Find more information : Messenger of Peace

{The Whole 9}

The Whole 9 is an online community dedicated to empowering creatives. Their members (artists, photographers, designers, marketers, musicians, writers and others) come from across the United States and around the world – all looking for a new way to connect.

Their team is dedicated to building this community — a place where smart, entrepreneurial, open-minded people can meet and share, showcase work, get work and engage in intelligent dialog. They also take what they do offline, hosting workshops and seminars that are designed to get you the information you need to succeed in your field.
Check out their Peace project. In 2010, The Peace Project was founded to show that great change can happen very quickly if creative people work together. Since then:

  • Over 20,000 people worldwide have donated time, money, art and services.
  • Three traveling art exhibits have been created and three books published that feature over 1,500 visions of peace from artists worldwide.
  • Sponsored the education of dozens of children throughout Sierra Leone who probably would not have been able to go to school otherwise.
  • Distributed 100 white canes to those without sight in Sierra Leone, with the distribution of 100 more planned.
  • Implemented one of the largest social efforts ever to take place in Sierra Leone, Operation Rise – distributing 10,000 pairs of crutches to amputees, war victims, polio survivors, women and children – immediately changing their lives, plus the lives of their families and communities.
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    Dear Aline, Please keep writing good news about good people to uplift our day and our spirits. We need your findings in these harsh times. Blessings, Debby

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      Hello Debbie! I agree with you.. Reading initiatives about people who do good uplifts me too. They are amazing! Thank you for sharing it! :-) Enjoy your day!

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