How to Keep your Focus & Excellence on Little Sleep

How to Keep your Focus & Excellence on Little SleepLife, is a vast ocean, peaceful and undisturbed. It is tranquil, gentle and restful. When storms arise, the ocean becomes restless, unconfined and chaotic. And yet, underneath it all, it remains ultimately powerful and creative. The thinking process holds the same aspects.  To understand the nature of what nurtures your mind is to succeed to master it and use it for your benefit under all circumstances. One circumstance that our present time seems to set for us, is a busy life during which the day runs our nights and vice versa.

When our sleep is compromised with incessant and unwanted thoughts, our entire life suffers from their side-effects known as stress and lack of energy. To learn how to manage the flow of thoughts when sleep is diminished is essential for everyone who wishes to keep his/her focus and excellence thriving. Here are a few tips to help you learn to manage yourself even when the tide gets rough.

In the Morning

When you wake up and you sense that your sleep hasn’t been offering the best quality, your mind will tend to take you to the lowest place it knows. Your thoughts will aligned with the way you feel. Detach your mind from your thoughts and redirect it towards your breath. Breathe consciously 9 times, empowering each of them with a vision of success. Place yourself in the center of the breath and follow its path from your heart where all exists meaningfully into your vision where all is seen purposefully.

At Lunch time

When half a day has already passed, the level of energy is naturally getting low. When sleep deprivation is being felt, it is time to trick the mind with a diversion. Take a moment to redirect your energy flow towards a memory that empowers your senses: a song that effortlessly reminds you of joy, a picture that naturally vibrates with happiness, a smell that infuses your cellular system with peace. Also remember to eat light. Meals that are heavy to digest require a lot of energy directed towards the digestive system. Light meals limit the energetic expenditure ensuring that you keep some of your precious fuel for what matters most.

In the Afternoon

To manage the flow of energy is to learn how to spend it wisely as well as to learn how to refill it endlessly. When little cat naps are not available in the afternoon and the demand for focus remains high, the mind must be trained to redefine its need. Focus doesn’t have to be “expensive” in term of energy. Indeed it can be a recharge as well. Use five minutes in your afternoon to consciously write 10 reasons to remain focus and committed to your day. Keep them close by as a constant reminder that this vision you can perceive with clarity is the reason you are breathing, smiling, enjoying and feeling empowered with purpose.

At Night

The day has passed and although your body requires rest to function again soon, the thinking process, busy with planning and uninterrupted thoughts keeps you from falling asleep in peace. Thoughts that come as incessant flow are seeking for a way out. They take too much room and prevent resultfulness to be. Before going to bed, give yourself 5 or 10 minutes to write down all the thoughts that come through. Become the loud voice to the inner-worrier. Once thoughts are on paper, they free the room within you so that you can find peace again.

These tricks are part of a mindful training that must become a daily discipline. To train the mind is a challenging task that can only be successful via practice and repetition. There is no secret with life. Only those who wish to change, change the way they think, opening their mind to new possibilities and allowing routines that serve their purpose to become the prominent ones.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Lisa Buben says:

    Aline, I had to read this from your title, happens to me a lot. I just don’t sleep long as I used to when I was younger, thanks fo the nice tips!

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Hello Lisa! Thank you for your read and words! Glad you found some resonance with this subject! Wishing you a beautiful day! Keep reading us!

  2. Glad this took a different route than the title implied. Too many folks to not value sleep.

    • Hello Michele. Thank you for taking a little more of your time to read through and not get stuck at the title especially if the title did not move you to seek deeper. It takes greatness to seek beyond the surface.. Keep rocking! Enjoy your day! :-)

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