5 Wisdom Tips to Start your Dream Business

5 Wisdom Tips to Start your Dream BusinessPassion is beautiful and when it is shared it appears as the most amazing life to live. Those who have succeeded in building their life with their passion haven’t been luckier than others. They simply have felt and understood the force that was driving their vision and ultimately empowered their choices and decisions with the meaning and the purpose hidden in that force. No one can give you the magic answers you are seeking to start your business yet there are a few tips, that I call wisdom-tips, that have worked for myself and that I feel can be applied for many.

Do not believe me. Try them and see for yourself as my Truth remains mine and your Life remains yours. Here are 5 wisdom tips to start your dream business. Feel free to share in the comment box, your own wisdom tips!

1 – Define your Passion

A passion is such an intrinsic feeling that it may, at time, be challenging for the mind to grasp itself around it and put words on it. One of the most significant steps to create a business based on passion is the realization that passion is the foundation. The clarity about the foundation gives it its strength. The more defined you can be about what you love most and feel most empowered, the greater your sense of knowing who you are and being able to stand on it.

To define your passion is to anchor your vision within your life in such a way that whatever comes across your day, leads you to experience that which you have chosen to define. The law of attraction makes you a magnet by nature. The clarity about your self-definition helps you reveal a greater foundation to experience it.

2 – Breathe your Vision

Self-definition is important yet it isn’t enough. Our magnetic field must remain stimulated at all time with the vibration with which we wish to experience our reality. This implies that we must adopt a committed attitude towards our passion. This attitude is nothing more that the realization that this is who we are by essence and that this essence simply wishes to come alive through us at all time. We must become that which we envision with each and every single breath we take in and give away. Every choice and every decision, aligned with our passion, unfolds the path of our passion and guides us along the realization of our self-definition.

3 -Trust Yourself

Another big piece of building-your-passionate-business-puzzle is self-trust. To start a business based on your passion is to know that you are this very passion embodied. Your own authority, built from knowing your Truth is what attracts your clientele. It requires your unconditional and undivided self-confidence. You must know, without a doubt that your sharing is an extension of who you are. The world may attempt to challenge your credibility, your values or your motives but when your integrity and your authority are built from within, nothing can come close to break it down.

Building your passionate business is a love affair between you and yourself. It is the result of a perfect chemistry between you and your soul and the ultimate melting of the dream and the reality to which you are the center point.

4 – Structure your Self-Definition

A business remains a mundane affair and must be developed as such. There is a reality about business made of regulations, laws, economic and bureaucracy. There are also concrete steps to market yourself, find your niche and share your message. While it is essential to create the proper settings for your business to be structured enough that your passion knows where to flow, you must also learn how to be that flow and trust what comes your way. When your vision is grounded, your magnetic field is more powerful.

Ultimately you attract that which vibrates with your vision. Observe the kind of people you attract, listen to what people ask you, wonder how you best connect with people, dare moving the boundaries of your own belief system and offer your service to those you may feel can benefit from your talent. You have nothing to lose. Whether, you gain clients or not, you certainly earn experience which is a precious treasure added to your growth.

5 – Think Greatness

A business made of passion is a way for the heart to be shared. What is shared is a vision that inspires. You become a vessel for greatness and passion is what you deliver to the world. Passion doesn’t limit the mind nor seek for simple financial reward. Passion seeks self-expression and out of it, it growth exponentially by touching the heart and soul of others. A business made of passion implies gift of yourself, sense of interconnectedness and unity.

Find what passionate your senses, what brings curiosity to your mind and what makes your heart beat stronger and there you will find a clue to the core of your passionate business. Always keep these aspects in your vision and your vision close to your heart as this is where passion is born and returns.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. Excellent article Aline! You truly inspired me – I loved “breathe your vision” – it captured that feeling for me when you absolutely know you are aligned with what you are creating. Thank you!!

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Hello Karen! Thank you so much for your words and I am so grateful that we both aligned on the vision part as I truly feel that this is where most of those who have a spark for a passionate business lose their vibes… Holding the vision high and becoming it a breath at a time is so essential to making a dream come true that it is almost the most significant point of the article! With all my Love.. Aline

  2. What an honest piece of work here and I really hope others hear the meaning behind it. I personally struggled for many years knowing in my head and heart what my desire was but unsure as to the how of putting it together. Once I just followed my heart and took one step forward at a time, life has been taking me on my purpose journey ever since. Life is great! Thanks for sharing with all of us such an important message.

    Irish at Dedicated 2 Life

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Hello Lisa, Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post! Thank you also for sharing a little of your own journey and stretching the importance of following the heart.. Keep enjoying your life and keep inspiring many to do so! :-)

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