5 Solutions to Manage your Lows with your Highs

5 Solutions to Manage your Lows with your HighsAfter the publishing of one of my latest posts – “5 silent warnings that your life is unbalanced” – it was more than fair to share now ways to bring equilibrium back into our life. Although we all have very different lives, circumstances, stories and ways to experience them, there are a few common spaces that we can build to feel re-centered and grounded. From centeredness and grounding, we can refocus and redirect our thoughts more effectively and let go of senses of confusion, disconnection or loss.

When our foundation is stable, the ripples with which life affect us come as ways to make us aware of Life yet they do not unroot us from our truth, our vision and our strength. Here are 5 solutions to manage your lows with your highs so that you grow out of unbalance and into strength.

1 – Deepen your self-awareness – Reveal Your Blueprint

Our society, made from competitiveness more than valued uniqueness, supports a collective sense of separation and exclusivity. While these can be experienced as strength, they, most of the time, create energy leakage, experienced as senses of unworthiness. To fight established dogmas is a waste of time and to fit in them is a waste of you. The compromise is to overcome collective dogmas with individual talent.

When we feel unbalanced, we demonstrate a lack of self-knowingness. We are being affected by outside factors and subject to it without knowing how to manage it because we have forgotten what we are made of. When we become clearer about who we are, we become empowered with a new sense of structure about ourselves. The building of this structure is a determinant of our inner-foundation. Define what you know as your strength and your weakness. Once you have revealed them, invest in your strength and learn to surrender your “imperfection“.

2 – Trust the process of Life – Experience Connection

Well-being and equilibrium are maintained with a basic life’s fundamental called connection. When life is connected, it simply is at peace with itself. While this is maybe a space where most of us wishes to access, it isn’t a space that calls for change, transformation and evolution. Most of our unbalanced moments are created out of an inner-need for growth. They come from our thirst for true knowledge.

Once we have gone around what we know, we subconsciously (or consciously) create circumstances that challenge us to open new doors and expand our world. When our connection to our inner-strength remains anchored in our Truth, then we can welcome change and transformation like a caterpillar welcomes its chrysalis and its wings without fearing them. It simply trusts the process. Faith is pure connection. It short-circuits the need to control Life with the mind (that tends to create  stress) and open the possibility to trust Life with the heart (that tends to relax).

3 – Listen to your Breath – Find inner-guidance

The obvious isn’t always the answer to our lack of order. Most of the time, it is in the center of the subtle and the words whispered in silence that we can find our deepest responses.

To calm our thoughts from moving in all directions and recenter our chaotic mind into stillness and order is to refrain from spoken words and listen to the silence of our breath. We must realize that our silence speaks a greater language. It speaks our soul language, in symbols, synchronicity and coincidences. It is subtle and unique to our own self. There is no dictionary for it, we must create our own. We are forever guided from within and when we begin to listen to our intuition, we hear the same voice that reminds is of our genius, our uniqueness, our talent and our worth.

4 – We are already here – Let’s redirect our thoughts

Unbalance is a dichotomy experienced between feelings and thoughts. It is an inconsistency between what we know and what we experience. Our inner-self knows life as balanced and still and yet, our mind perceives instability from its expectations and its understandings. When we feel a want or a need for something, we are expressing the fact that we know and understand that we do not own this very feeling right now in our life.

This is enough to hold onto the feeling of not having. We must bring our thoughts in the now. We must allow them to carry our feelings in the now. We must empower our thoughts with our want and needs by reminding them that there is nothing that we are not. All that we are seeking is already existing in abundance  within us. The trick is to look, seek and reveal it within.

5 – Move beyond the denial – Radical Honesty

The last of this list and certainly not the least of all, is acceptance. Indeed, in any kind of transformational process, nothing is ever possible until the subject opens his/her heart honestly. The true power of transformation is experienced once we accept with integrity the ownership of who we are at the moment. It happens when we consciously choose to own every single piece as well as the whole of who we are. Nothing can ever change unless we, individually, become the one who created what needs to be changed. It is a simple “mind” common sense” that many of us get stuck in through victimhood consciousness. We deflect the responsibility of our own life events onto those around us. We wish to save and change those around us so that we do not have to face our mirror. We attempt everything to make us feel good with temporary emotional bandaids only to realize that they keep the wounds swelling and deepening.

A radical sense of honesty is always a healing device. Many may not embrace Lance Armstrong anymore, yet in his courageous and challenging decision to speak his truth, he has embraced his own self. Lying is always an escape that keeps connection and equilibrium away from us. Radical honesty and grounded integrity always are healing path that strengthen our journey.

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Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


  1. “When our foundation is stable, the ripples with which life affect us come as ways to make us aware of Life yet they do not unroot us from our truth, our vision and our strength.”

    I feel like that’s a ME statement right there because I feel guided by that principle everyday. I just think you put it to words before I did.

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Hello Sandra.. Happy to know that words have found their ways to your feelings.. :-) Enjoy your day and thank you again for keeping us in your blog reading radar! We soulfully appreciate your support! enjoy your day! :-)

  2. Suzie Carr says:

    Powerful statement: We must realize that our silence speaks a greater language. So True! I always think… if I could just quiet my mind long enough to hear what my heart is saying, I might actually find the guidance I’m seeking:-)

    • Aline Hanle says:

      Hello Suzie, When my thoughts seem to wanna keep moving like waves, i guide them more than attempting to quieting them.. I became a wave myself asking questions to which they become answers. Btw… Right now, your heart is saying: Carve in the wood the name you seek.. Your Soul says.. ***channeling*** :-) Wishing you a beautiful day Suzie.

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