5 Hints to Decipher the language of your Soul

5 Hints to Decipher the language of your SoulWhen the world of traveling expanded, so did the needs to communicate with new cultures and therefore learn foreign languages.  Ultimately, we created ways to grasp new languages, faster and more efficiently. Learning languages has been a way to bridge cultures  and strengthen relationships. While humanity has made its way into connection through technology, it now discovers the need to deepen this connection within itself. Another language is needed and this one cannot be found in a library, a bookstore or even google.

This language is so individual that no one can teach it to another. Some guidance may be offered as a support yet there is not one dictionary available for all. We all have to be willing to decipher our own lost language and establish our own dictionary. The list below is an attempt to guide the mind to read beyond the obvious and dwell into the subtle so that it can reconnect with the silence that created it and remember the song it forever sings and that can be found in the heart.

1 – Follow Synchronicity

Continuously misunderstood, coincidences are dots put by the sacred, awaiting for us to connect them. When our own awareness keeps lighting up the same message, we must become very curious about the meaning behind it. Wether the same number keeps coming, a name that keeps repeating itself or a pattern that keeps showing up. Become aware of the form yet dwell not on it. Deepen your awareness from form to essence, from superficial to depth, from consequence to cause. Be Assertive

2 – Expand the Process of information

The subtle expresses itself with all of its wholeness and our ability to capture it lies in the adequate use of our own understanding system. Our brain has two different ways to decipher information: The right hemisphere tracks, assimilates and digests data in its ensemble, while the left hemisphere does it in a linear way. When the deciphering process encompasses both sides, it lets more information appears and lets more of the design become visible. Between symbols and words lies interpretation. The greater awareness to the information that come, the greater consciousness of the moment. Think Greater

3 – Feelings

Feelings are emotional representations of what life is for one individual at one moment. They do not define the individual as a whole but more so they define him in one moment. Because our physical reality is an eternal journey into self-definition, feelings becomes guides to consciousness. Our emotional dimension is a direct channel of communication, a constant feedback machine between subtle and density. It is the perfect reality architect using vibrations to exchange information. Becoming more and more aware of our emotions is mastering our own inner-language. Feel Deeper

4 – Dreams

Dreams are privileged soulful spaces. They are the most conscious version of our subconscious. They are gates to what we do not know nor understand yet about ourselves. They are precious recollection of what matters about our truth. They are significant to our inner-connection because they reveal the deepest picture of our state of being. When we become familiar with interpreting our own dream, we get in touch with layers of our self that not only speak to us but more so truly guide us. See Clearer

5 – Fear

The most controversial of all guidance, especially for the mind, is our sense of fear. The master guide is disguised under a veil of illusions that tends to take us away from our true voice. Fear is a space that stands between what is known now and what is greater within the now. To access to this sense of “greater” is to become familiar with fear. It is to realize the power we have leaked through the illusion and that is now ready to be return. The fundamental reason why fear is a way to connect with our Soul is that it reveals the space where we are the closest to our true power. Let’s be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Let’s be courageous and daring for one step towards our fear is an invitation for our soul to come closer. Stand stronger

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.


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