4 Most Essential Thoughts that Influence our Entire Life

4 Most Essential Thoughts that Influence our Entire LifeOur belief system holds our reality the same way the Earth holds nature. The way we nurture what we stand on determines what we experience. Our thinking process is a creative machine that takes in all the conscious and subconscious thoughts we let in our mind. Through the incessant filters of our accepted beliefs, dogmas and agreements, we establish our individual truth and let it shape the reality we experience daily. Thoughts come and go like waves and while some rise occasionally, not having a great incidence on our long-term life, others that I call master-thoughts, represent the very foundation on which our entire life is built. Those make the strongest structure around which our lighter thoughts gravitate and get rearrange to create our reality.

Because these master-thoughts are essential to the creation of our life, it is determinant that we wonder about their nature, their meanings and their effects. Thus, we can determine how empowering or disempowering they are. We can transform some if necessary or strengthen others as well. Here are the 4 most essential thoughts that influence our entire life. Bring awareness to them and become the influencer empowered to expand your life.

1 – Master of all Thoughts

The master of all thoughts is the one that stands on Love. We all are Love, embodied in human form, and experiencing Life through different and very unique aspects of itself. There is either Presence of Love or absence of it. With presence, any thought becomes empowered with love, in the absence of Love thoughts become empowered with fear. To determine which master thought supports our lighter thoughts is essential in the building of our life because the master thought is at the very core of the creative process. Love-based thoughts expand our reality giving room for higher vibrations and therefore greater experiences. Fear-based thoughts limit our creative abilities, diminish our capacity to experience and lower our innate potential to enjoy.

2 – Thoughts about Change

Change is inevitable and one of the most essential attitude we ought to adopt is flexibility of mind in the face of change. The way we perceive and experience change determines the easiness or the resistance with which we move through life. When we think of change as being part of who we are, we allow ourselves to become familiar with it and we simply follow where the energy wishes to flow. We must become receptive to the subtle and feel the guidance that shows us the way. To think of change as one of the most natural states of being-ness is to empower Life with a master that moves its flow with ease through acceptance.

3 – Thoughts about Self

Thoughts about self are most significant as they define the way we know ourselves, feel ourselves and share ourselves. The way we perceive our roles, our responsibilities, our beauty, our intelligence, our strength, our vulnerability and more, directs our choices and decisions. Our ability to know ourselves is a determinant factor of the way we explore our experiences and unfold our life. What we think about ourselves provides the structure for life to shape our reality. To become aware of what we honestly think of ourselves is to begin to master the flow that creates our days.

4 – Thoughts about Responsibility

Each time we place ourselves at the center of what we live and claim ownership of all of our experiences, we empower our thinking process with a strong sense of sovereignty over our life. To know ourselves as being an authority in our life gives us the knowingness that we can change everything, that we must accept everything and that we can make dream come true. Those disempowered with this sense of knowingness experience victimhood and a downward spiral existential life where life masters them instead of them dancing with Life.

To be in charge of our life is to own it, independently of what appears good or not. We must own all parts. We must embrace the good for the blessings it brings and accept the lesser good for the wisdom it teaches. Think responsibility and accountability as two influential pillars of an empowering life.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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