3 Hidden Gems Designers you must Discover

3 Hidden Gems Designers you must DiscoverInnovation is amazing in so many ways. It drives dreams to become reality and it gives the new generation of visual pioneers, a way to lead new trends with visions of possibility that expands our current boundaries.

Social Media has offered such an amazing platform for many new aspiring artists or renewed ones, whose passion for design has always been an engine to get them wake up in the morning and push the limits of their own potential. These are not only brilliant in their artistry and designing execution but more so their attitude and professionalism set them apart as being the future leaders of their field.

Of course, this list is our own preference and many other talented designers are ready to step into the forefront yet, as a lover of human potential, I felt compelled to share these outstanding designers and their compelling work as a way to inspire many others to come forth and share their inner-treasure.

1 – Tamora Burk

Clients utilize her work as a creative springboard in the marketing and creative planning processes, as creative direction for development projects, or as a qualitative enhancement of their existing research. Fresh, tangible ideas and direction, presented in a visually inspiring and functional format, are the cornerstone of her deliverables, grounded in over sixteen years of experience in promotional and licensed product initiatives including catalog, direct mail, in-store and POP, consumer loyalty, and brand building. She is the coolest girl in the entire Austin area and certainly one of the most hidden gems in term of visionary artistry. Deeply Recommended

2 – Terry Bogard

Terry is Gold winner 99Design.com contest and the one who designed my Conscious Catalyst logo. Here is what he has to say in his humility and his brilliance: I’m not going to say cool things about myself. My portfolio does the talking for me. Invite me only if you agree with this… “A winning design does not determine the ability of a designer, it actually determines how smart a Contest Holder is!” Greatly Recommended

3 – Cre8iveBuzz

Amit Verma (Artistic Director) at Cre8iveBuzz. New maybe but surely assertive and focused. Their passion is fundamental communication through visual venues. Computer-generated images and intuitive inspiration mix in the most compelling way to offer you the most unique service in Graphic Design Creativity. They thrive in finding the visual that carries the depth of a strong vision. They strongly feel that one picture carries a thousand words and the right design gives them a way to be expressed. Their work intents to give your brand, product or service an identity that shares the essence of its name and the acumen of its meaning. Their portfolio shares a promising future filled with strong content and visionary potential. Highly Recommended.

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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