15 Tips and Tricks to Get More Out of Google Drive

15 Tips and Tricks to Get More Out of Google DriveThe use of cloud storage and the different services it has to offer is becoming more and more apparent with the use of today’s technology. Flash drives are still useful but when it comes to accessibility, compatibility and security, Google Drive may be one of those cloud storages that will be high up in your list.

Now, most of you may be familiar of this cloud service launched by Google early on 2007. But then, aside from knowing about the regular save and make feature of its documents, presentations and spreadsheets, there are actually 15 tips and tricks to get more out of Google Drive that you may not still be aware about.

  1. Hitting keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can make a lot of difference in the way you operate things on Google Drive. Even when you’re familiar with the common shortcuts that you usually use like Ctrl+V for paste, you will find that there are a lot of additional shortcuts more that you can make use of. Just hit Shift+D to launch the long list of shortcut that you can use.
  2. Attach as much as 1GB of photos and files from your Google Drive. Unlike other cloud storage services, Google Drive allows you to save as much as 1GB. For a cloud storage service like this, 1GB worth of files is like saying “sky’s the limit”. So if you need some space to store and attach your files, Google Drive would be for you.
  3. You can share your files and edit at the same time. Another notable thing with Google Drive is that you can use it to share your files to another person and have both of you edit it even at the same time.
  4. Export and import your files in bulk – and with ease. Importing and exporting files have always been a problem with cloud storages. Some can only be imported one by one although files can be exported in bulk and vice versa. With Google Drive, you can export and import files as much as you want and even use folders in the process. Just drag and drop it right from your computer and you will be good to go.
  5. You have access to revision history. Have you ever felt the need to know who made revisions into your files; say like a presentation or a document?  Google drive has one feature that allows you to access revision history and see people who have made revisions to your files for the last 30 days.
  6. You have several choices of templates for what you need. Do you need a budget template? A card template perhaps for someone’s birthday? No need to worries, there are a lot of template options for your needs right on Google Drive.
  7. Search through your email and files together. If you need to search through your emails and you want to know whether you have what you are searching for in your drive, you can do it now with Google Drive.
  8. You can store all your files – regardless of the format. File format had been a big problem for cloud users but now, with Google Drive, you can sync and store all your files regardless of the format they came with.
  9. You can check revisions and changes without opening a file. If you want to check your files without opening it and know whether someone made changes into it, you can readily choose the WatchDoc feature of Google Drive to check them without opening them.
  10. You can attach your files from Google Drive right to your email. Sending an important email might require an attachment perhaps. If you need to work your way with files to attach, you can readily share things on Google Drive and they will be sent as an email attachment right away.
  11.  Save and share your photos anywhere you are, anytime you want. Capturing each precious moment has never been easy. With Google Drive, you can save your pictures right away and share them to people you’d like. You can also post them on different social media sites as you wish anywhere and anytime.
  12.  Create your files as you need it. one good thing with Google Drive is that it gives you access to document, presentation and spreadsheet formats the same way as you would do with a normal Microsoft Office application. Good thing because it makes it easier for you to make your files in such a friendly-user way.
  13.  Make your own forms. Have you ever thought of making surveys or you just need some sort of questionnaire? Google Drive gives you access to make forms to carry on such a task like that.
  14.  You’re always up to date even without saving. If you keep on pressing the Ctrl+S key in your keyboard to save a file you’re working on, Google Drive automatically saves any changes that you have made in your file. That’s why you don’t have to worry if you’ll close it accidentally. Sure thing, your works have been saved.
  15.  You have instant back-up storage for your files. Since flash disks and external memory storages have tendencies to be lost or be corrupted, Google Drive offers you instant back-up storage for your files. Access it anywhere in the world anytime you need it and you will always enjoy the feel of a friendly experience coming from a cloud storage app.
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  1. There were definitely some helpful tips in here. I am setting up a working platform for a team of entrepreneurs I have partnered with. We are in a growing phase and will be taking on new team members for advertising the items they sell online. Google Drive is our weapon of choice so this blog was definitely timely.

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