What Luxury Traveling & Gardening have in Common

What Luxury Traveling & Gardening have in CommonLife is a journey and the way we choose to travel is really up to us. Consider this: when you need to travel from a place to another, you need a car or another mode of transportation. When you choose your car, you also affect the way you experience your journey. Now imagine that you are a vessel experiencing life. The way you choose to experience yourself determines the way you will experience your days. Consider, for a moment, that you have the power to decide what your day will feel even before you have lived it.

Putting concepts onto feelings empowers the feeling with density. Filling concepts with emotions empowers them with energy. This density and this energy are what we experience and their mix is what we call our reality. When we observe, for example, two different kind of cars, we naturally feel different experiences. A Mercedes SUV holds a feel of safety, elegance, longevity, sturdiness and luxury. Another car will vibrate another feel. You may take the same route everyday, yet, your choice of car may change your travel experience.

Have you ever consider that your own sense of perception was at the center of your own experience? Have you ever wonder how some people look at the same situation and see something completely different? This comes from the point of reference of the observer as well as the capacity for him/her to perceive at different levels and therefore experiment different realities.

The power of experiencing a life that feel rich and abundant is an inside job and because it is, it must be sparked right there, first. The visionary potential of the human being and its capacity to associate emotions on it, are the ultimate architects of our life. A prosperous life is a thought away, a feeling away and the consistent practice of both.

Like any bountiful and beautiful gardens, every one of us has the potential to grow the sanctuary and luxurious space that we want. Like any master-gardener we must be willing to first weed the space we are about to beautified, prepare the soil, nurture it and seed exactly what we wish to see grow and flourish. Focus on what brings a sense of luxury within you and begin your journey, one step at a time like a caring gardener envisioning a wild field turning into the most majestic oasis.

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  1. DebbyBruck says:

    I think you have already envisioned it.

  2. “Like any bountiful and beautiful gardens, every one of us has the potential to grow the sanctuary and luxurious space that we want.” By far my most favorite!

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