Times Not To Place Bets On Friends & Family

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Placing harmless bets with friends and family is a great way to make ordinary outings and events a little more interesting. However, the wrong bets can do a lot of damage to your relationships. Here are some top instances when you should leave friendly bets out of the picture.

On Relationships 

Betting on relationships is tempting, especially if you’re not a fan of your friend’s new suitor. Actually placing bets on any kind of relationship, from a friendship to a new marriage, is a dangerous business. You run the risk of hurting the people involved in the relationship if they find out about your bet.

If you’re drawn into a bet having to do with someone else’s relationship, the best tactic is to decline participation. If you do choose to take part, always bet that the couple will succeed. This is the least offensive line to take.

On Important Decisions

If your friend is trying to decide whether to take a new job and the decision is extremely difficult for her, don’t bet on whether she’ll go for the new position. If she already doubts herself and finds out that you bet on a different choice, it will make an already hard decision much worse.

Choices like whether or not to buy a house, have another baby, buy a new car, or move across the country are very difficult for those involved. Don’t make things touchier and more difficult by betting on what the right choice will be.

On Gifts and Other Gestures

Betting on what will be inside a gift is risky because of the potential to damage your relationship to the gift giver. If you bet that the present will be much more expensive than what it actually is, the giver will be left feeling inadequate and unappreciated. Betting that Grandma will send yet another fruitcake seems innocent enough, but it is insulting to the person who spent hours baking that seasonal specialty.

Gestures are like gifts when it comes to betting. You shouldn’t bet on whether or not a date will show up with flowers, or when a special someone will pop the question. Bets like these put unnecessary pressure on both the giver and the recipient and can ruin what would have otherwise been a lovely gesture.

On Emotional Situations

When emotions get involved, it’s always best to keep money out of the situation. Don’t place bets on any kind of emotional occasion such as an anniversary or even an argument.

Betting that someone will forget your birthday reflects on them in a very bad light and may damage your relationship even if the birthday isn’t forgotten, simply by creating negative expectations.

If you’re looking to make a bet with friends or family, choose something that’s outside of everyone’s control, like the outcome of a baseball game. Use sites like Betway.com to find innocent games and other fun outlets for your betting interests.

Kristina Jackson is a freelance writer and aspiring artist. In her free time she enjoys brushing up on her painting skills and playing mobile casino games from Betway.com. Feel free to follow her on Twitter at @katinajlove

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  1. Anthony Ackerley says:

    Sound advice. Incredibly incredibly sad that it’s even necessary though. Just don’t bet on family or friends, too much potential for things going south and it’s just not worth risking the drama, even (or perhaps especially) when it just starts as a joke.

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